Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fab Find: Mossimo Sequin Knit Hat

Since this item is still available on Target's website, I thought I'd pass along my "thumbs up". This little hat may not look like much, but the sequins give it just enough "bling" to dress up whatever casual winter outfit you pair it with. It's also made of supersoft acrylic, which feels like cashmere. Another plus is that it actually fits my head, which may sound odd but many "skull cap" shapes like this actually "poof up" too much on top, making me look like a conehead ;-)

Although Target's website states this item isn't available in stores, that's where I found mine. And while Target's site has this cute cap on clearance for 50% off - at just $6.48 - I scored mine for even less: a paltry $3.88!

PS: Besides basic Black, it also comes in Gray as well.

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Godiva said...

Found some cute boots on clearance at my local target last night, dd's were $8 something, mine were around $17!