Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018!

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I snapped this cute Christmas pillow by Threshold at Target several weeks ago, and have been waiting until today to post it. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season. And just a reminder: all Target stores are closed today, but will reopen tomorrow with tons of after-Christmas sales. Or, if you can't wait 'til tomorrow, head on over to Target.com where there's already plenty of items marked down up to 50% off.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Creep: Part 2

Besides already putting out Valentine's Day merch, my local Target has also largely cleared out the Holiday decor to make way for Spring stuff - as shown in this picture here. From the looks of it, it seems like neutrals and cool blues will rule for the coming season.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Holiday Creep: Extreme Edition

Last year, I complained that Target started putting out their Valentine's Day merchandise on Christmas Eve. This year, the holiday creep has gotten even more extreme, with the Bullseye putting out V-day merch even earlier. This pic was snapped a few days ago - on December 18, to be exact - in the Dollar Spot. I was searching for Christmas gift bags, and instead I found these Valentine-themed ones.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Target's Holiday Gift Displays: Yay or Nay?

I just realized that I haven't posted in over two weeks... chalk it up to holiday madness, I guess! While I have visited Target lately,  as the holidays grow closer and the crowds increase, I'll be avoiding the place as much as possible.

Another thing I hate (besides crowds) are these "holiday gift displays" that have popped up around Target (as shown here) smack dab in the middle of the aisles. Is it just my imagination, or are there twice as many of them this year as in years past? I get it: Target is trying to cross-sell/up-sell on "impulse" items while you shop. But these additional displays make it harder to navigate your shopping cart through the store, and honestly most of them look rather junky to me.

Whaddya think, readers? Are you a fan of these pop-up holiday displays, or are you annoyed by them (as I am)?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

BOGO: 60% off Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Target is running a BOGO deal today and tomorrow only: buy one, get one 60% off on clothing, shoes & accessories for the whole family. The one catch? It's only available for Target.com purchases, and a quick search (at least for the things I really wanted) already showed many items already sold out online for shipping, and available in stores only (with no "store pickup" option).

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Back at Target: Dylan's Candy Bar

Remember earlier this year when Target featured sweet treats from Dylan's Candy Bar for Valentine's Day? Well the brand is back just in time for the holidays, with a wide array of confections (as shown here). Look for the sweet selection in a special display near the Women's Department, or find them online here. But a word to the wise: while these treats boast colorful packaging and cute names like "Pucker Up, Buttercup" and "Hangry Fix", the quality isn't the best. I bought some back in February, and I found the chocolate to be chalky and the gummies to be stale.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Fab Find: Project 62 Faux Fur Pillow

This past weekend at Target I got a pair of these heavenly Mongolian Faux Fur pillows by Project 62 (shown on top of the stack in this pic) for half off - just $9.99 each! A lot of faux fur pillows can feel excessively cheap and fake, but these are amazingly soft and luxe. These seem much more like Pottery Barn-quality than Tar-shay.

In a wonderful beige color called 'Neutral'. I was afraid these would clash with my dark leather couch, but I brought it all together with this Threshold Twill Throw Blanket (also in 'Neutral') which I scored for 75% off - only $7.50!

Clearance Alert: Fall Home Decor

For those of you looking to refresh your home style, head on over to Target where they have select (if not most) Fall home decor items at 50% off. It looks like they're trying to clear it out to make way for more holiday home decor.

Note that this is different than Target's "Up to 25% off Home Decor" online sale, which I find a bit misleading as many items online are only 5% off. I always find the deals in stores to be better on home decor, anyhow. In my next post, I'll share with you what I bought on clearance this past weekend.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fab Find: Holiday Pie Dish

Another cute Christmas item found recently at Tar-shay: this adorable ceramic pie dish. Just $5 in the Dollar Aisle at Target!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Target's Beauty Department Gets A Makeover...

Does the Beauty Department at your local Target store look like this? Mine doesn't - yet - but in this pic snapped at an area store I don't frequent that often implies that some stores are remodeling this department to look more like a Sephora store, with lower racks you can see over (vs. the traditional tall aisles) and round displays of testers.

What do you think, readers? Is this change good, and will it encourage you to buy things from - or at the very least stop and browse - the Beauty Department more often?

A New Day Turns "1"

Target's corporate blog is touting the fact that their in-house womens' brand A New Day is now 1 year old, and thus far has rung in 1 billion dollars in sales. That's nice and all, but I for one am still not a fan, so outside of purchasing a couple of A.N.D. shirts this past year, I haven't contributed to that financial milestone. And it makes me wonder how that compares with past yearly sales for Merona, which I still miss.

Meanwhile, although I've heard some positive reviews of Target's mens' brand Goodfellow, my husband doesn't care for it and actually asked me yesterday to NOT buy him any more Goodfellow shirts. He believes the quality is sub par to the old Merona and Converse One Star shirts I used to get him at Target, and I tend to agree: the fabrications are cheaper with Goodfellow and don't hold up well with multiple washings.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fab Find: Christmas Kitchen Towel

How cute is this?? I found this fun kitchen towel in Target's Christmas Wondershop. For just $5, it'd be a great addition to a plate of homemade cookies as a holiday housewarming gift.

Target's Veteran's Day Coupon

Today through Nov. 12, Target is offering a special discount to all military personnel, veterans and their families. Just visit target.com/military to get verified for your coupon, which is good for 10% off one storewide purchase.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sneak Peek: Target's Black Friday Ad

Target just dropped a preview of their Black Friday Ad, which you can check out online here. They're also running today-only early Black Friday Deals, and just for REDcard holders some exclusive deals also for today-only.

What's the verdict, readers? Will you be shopping at Target this holiday season? And if so, will you be doing your shopping early?? (as Target is encouraging you to).

Monday, October 29, 2018

Hearth & Hand: Early Access with REDcard

Did you notice this announcement in Target's Weekly Ad? Target REDcard holders get early access to select Hearth & Hand with Magnolia holiday items online, now through Oct. 31. The funny thing, though, is that I've already seen a couple of the items shown here at my local store, like the oversized Christmas stocking and the "Letters to Santa" holder.

New at Target: Method's Holiday Scents

Just a month ago Method introduced their Autumn scents at Target, and now they're rolling out their Holiday scents (as shown here). Looking back in my archives, it looks like they've offered these two scents for several years running - at least since 2014. After smelling them, I think the Hollyberry is too strong for me, but I did like the Peppermint Vanilla.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Target takes over Portland bowling alley...

Thank you to reader Critifur for today's feel-good story. Last year, Target took over this Southeast Portland bowling alley to remodel it into a new retail store. And in keeping with the cool 1950's vibe, Target kept the retro-style signage (as shown here via @Cabel on Twitter). For more fun pics showing how Target kept other elements (like the old bowling balls and wood lanes) in the new decor, head on over to @Cabel's Twitter feed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7 Target Products Designers Can't Get Enough Of

We're not the only ones obsessed with Target. In fact, plenty of designers shop there for both business and pleasure. So the next time you're strolling the aisles of Tar-jay, keep an eye out for these 7 items designers can't stop buying, according to Apartment Therapy. Like this "Esters" Armchair by Project 62, which is favored by designer Emily Henderson.

Sneak Peek: Target's Toy Book 2018

BestBlackFriday.com has posted 88 pages of Target’s 2018 Holiday Toy Book. You can click through it page-by-page here.  Savings highlights include:

  • Target will once again offer Kids’ Daily Deals: deeply-discounted Cartwheel offers featuring savings on toys each and every day starting Nov. 1 through Thanksgiving.
  • Starting Sunday, Oct. 28, text TOY to TARGET (827438) to get the coupon valid in-store and online for 25 percent off any one toy, sporting good of craft activity kit. The coupon will be valid through Nov. 10 (exclusions apply).
  • On page 88, you’ll find a coupon good for a free $10 Target gift card with a toys, games, sporting goods or kids arts & crafts purchases of $50 or more.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Coming Soon To Target: Smartly

Target is launching a new essentials and personal care brand called Smartly, aimed at the budget-conscious and space-constrained shopper. With more than 70 everyday items, from all-purpose cleaner and body lotion, to paper plates and razor blades—and with most items less than $2—Smartly makes it easier to shop smarter and save money. It’s debuting in Target stores and Target.com on Oct. 14, with new products rolling out through 2019.

Since early last year, Target has been introducing many new brands, with the intent to bring guests more options at a better value. For Smartly, Target dug deep to pinpoint exactly what guests were looking for in essentials and personal care—namely, lower-priced options. Indeed, Smartly products cost approximately 70 percent less than similar products from national brands.

Smartly also offers the affordability of bulk shopping without buying in bulk. With products sold as single items and offered in small multi-packs (like a four-pack of toilet paper for $0.99), it’s not only perfect for value-conscious guests, but for guests living in small spaces without ample storage.

Smartly reminds me of the in-house brand Nice! at Walgreens. It also seems similar to Target's current budget in-house brand, Up & Up, so it's unclear to me whether Target will be keeping both brands or whether Smartly will eventually replace it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New at Target: quip

Target continues to experiment with digital-first brands... first there was the popular men’s grooming brand Harry’s, which they started selling in the summer of 2016. Then they added  Casper mattresses and other bedding items to market in 2017. Now Target is bringing quip, the trendy (and affordable) electric toothbrush to the fold.

You may have noticed quip in your Facebook or Instagram feed, as they have a heavy social media presence. The brand, aimed at Millennials, is an oral care subscription service that offers thoughtfully designed products that are both affordable (starting at just $25 for an electric toothbrush) and effective. In fact, it was one of the first electric toothbrushes accepted by the American Dental Association. When you pick up a quip toothbrush starter kit in Target stores or on Target.com, you’ll be directed to getquip.com, where you’ll learn all about the health, cost and convenience benefits of a quip subscription. Once you sign up, quip will automatically send you a new brush head refill on a dentist-recommended 3-month schedule.

My college age son is hooked on quip, and I'm all for anything that encourages him to brush more. However, my dentist advises while quip better than a regular toothbrush, it's still no substitute for a Sonicare.... which ironically, are on sale at Target.com this week.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fab Find: Bowden Faux Leather Chair

I hesitate to post about this, as a quick check of Target.com shows this item as 'unavailable for shipping' and only select stores have it in stock. But the other day at my local Target I saw this handsome "Bowden" chair  by Project 62 in a home decor display and couldn't help myself from sitting in it. Not only is it attractive, but it's very comfortable to sit in as well. Only one color is left in stock (Camel, as shown here at far left) and as mentioned, it's only available at some stores. But if you're lucky enough to find one, it's on sale for 15% off with the code OCTOBER - bringing this stylish chair to just $60.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday's Rave: This Prologue Sweater

Although I was lukewarm in my review of Target's new women's line, Prologue, I did find this one bright piece in the collection. This one shoulder "Brown" sweater - which I call more of a cinnamon color - is on trend and something you'd be apt to find at Zara. If you don't find your size online immediately, keep checking back. The day after Prologue debuted, all sizes of this sweater were sold out. Then a few days later, they re-stocked in most sizes. Now the selection is spotty again, but it says "temporarily out of stock" (vs. "sold out") which means they may be re-stocking again. A tip: this line runs large, so I'd recommend buying one size smaller than your usual size.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday's Rant: Store Pickup Cancellation Notices

On Tuesdays I sometimes take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em, they ain’t perfect. It's actually been almost a year since my last rant - and there's plenty of things that annoy me about Tar-jay lately - but today I'm ranting about store pickup cancellation notices. 

Ever order something on Target.com for store pickup, only to have the order mysteriously cancelled a few hours later - before you even have a chance to pick it up? This happens to me a LOT, resulting in an email notification like this one (shown) which makes it sound like *I* initiated the cancellation, which I did not. And what really grinds me is that if I go back and look up the item online at the same store, it shows that the item is clearly still in stock. I guess I find this so annoying because it's probably happened to me a dozen times in the past 6 months, which almost makes me want to avoid the online pickup tool altogether.

What about you, readers? Has this ever happened to you? 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Fab Find: Delavan Tripod Lamp

I've been refreshing some of my home decor, including updating my living room lighting. One gem I recently found at Target was this "Delevan" Tripod Table Lamp by Project 62. I got it in black (as shown) but it also comes in Clear/Lucite as well as Nickle and Brass finishes. It's getting rave reviews on Target.com, and it's only $45 ($55 for the Lucite one).

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Healthy Snacks Available at Target

I found this article the other day on "Nutritionist-approved grab-and-go snacks your kid will actually want to eat", but honestly, the tips are great for anyone who wants to eat healthy snacks - not just kids. The reason I'm sharing it with you is because several of the snacks are available at Target.

In general, you want to look for snacks that are made of predominantly whole food ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains (like oats, whole wheat, or sorghum), beans (such as chickpeas or lentils), nuts or seeds, eggs, and others. You also want to limit or avoid foods made with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors. And of course, you want to keep an eye on added sugars, as even seemingly healthy snacks, like granola bars and yogurts, may contain excessive amounts of added sugars.

Target carries RXBAR, which comes in a variety of flavors and contains limited ingredients and no added sugars. They also carry HIPPEAS Chickpea Snacks, in flavors like Bohemian Barbeque, Sriracha Sunrise, and White Cheddar to satisfy your cravings for chips. Likewise, Angie's Boom Chicka Pop (available in stores) allows you to get your crunch on in varieties like Sea Salt Popcorn and Kettle Corn. And finally, you can get your fruity fix with Bare Fruit Chips. Bare chips stand out because their apple and banana snacks are crunchier than the competition. Both the apples and the bananas are available in cinnamon as well as unflavored, and both fruits supply a good source of fiber.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Now at Target: Method's New Autumn Scents

The other day at Target I noticed that Method has rolled out their new "autumn-inspired scent collection" of soaps, including "Mulled Cider" and "Redwood Forest" (shown here). I smelled both, and they seemed awfully strong and artificially-scented, so I'll pass on these two varieties. I was also disappointed to see such plain packaging this season, in varied shades of brown... how boring!

Feels like Fall...

If you haven't already noticed, Target has swapped out all their BTS/College Dorm merchandise for new Fall decor. My local stores are exploding with warm harvest tones, as shown here, as well as holiday decor for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Let's all enjoy this selection before the onslaught of Christmas comes!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Clearance Alert: Women's Swimwear

It's that time of year when Target puts their swimwear on clearance to make way for Fall coats and jackets. This year it looks like they have more inventory to clear out (as shown here) than in years past, so if you need a new swimsuit, now's the time to get it before the selection disappears from stores. I snapped this last week when they were running an additional Cartwheel discount on clearance items, but 50% off is still a great deal.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cartwheel Deal: 40% off Halloween Candy Today

Target is running a Cartwheel deal - today only - for 40% off select Halloween trick-or-treat candy bags when you use Cartwheel in the Target App. My friends and I were debating this yesterday, as why would you want to buy your Halloween candy six weeks early? Then again, the candy on the store shelves isn't going to get any fresher than it is now, so why not take advantage of this deal? I'll give you a reason: because if it's around my house now, my family is going to eat it, and then I'll have to buy a whole new batch of candy to pass out on Halloween... which is probably what Target is hoping we'll do.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Coming Soon To Target: Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen (who just revealed the correct pronunciation of her last name) is bringing a new line of kitchen accessories to Tar-hay.  On September 30th, the model, cookbook author and mom of two will launch the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen collection, available exclusively at Target.

The collection features all of the essentials that Chrissy uses to prep, cook and serve up her favorite recipes—like cast iron Dutch ovens and must-have serve ware—plus items like cutlery, glassware and pitchers that are perfect for entertaining family and friends in A-list style. There is something for everyone, with Target’s signature combination of chic design and incredible value. The collection boasts over 40 items to choose from, ranging in price from $4 for drinkware to $140 for a 12-piece cookware set.

And once you’ve stocked your kitchen with Chrissy-approved pieces, you’ll be ready to whip up something scrumptious. Cue Cravings: Hungry for More, the follow-up to Chrissy’s bestselling cookbook. The Target-exclusive edition (packed with exclusive recipes for oh-so-yummy snacks) arrives in stores and online September 18th.

To find out Chrissy's inspiration for this new collection, check out this Q&A on A Bullseye View.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Look for Less: Gibson vs. A New Day

The brand Gibson has been coming out with different versions of cozy fleece tops for several seasons now, like this front-twist style. These tops are super-soft and warm, but not too thick and bulky. Now you could buy the 'real deal' Gibson gray fleece top on the left (at Nordstrom) for $49. Or, you could save some dough and get this dupe by A New Day (at Target) for just $19.99.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Review: Prologue

Shortly after blogging yesterday about Target's new fashion line, Prologue, I saw it in person for myself. I guess some stores are putting it out in advance of the 9/14 launch date, which is the case at my local Sunnyvale Target, where this pic was snapped. Unfortunately, I was NOT impressed with what I saw.

As described in my previous post, Prologue is indeed sleek and modern, with clean lines and simple details. If you're into all that - and if this line fits you - then go for it! But what I found was a mishmash of cheap fabrics, drab colors, and extreme silhouettes - meaning either excessively big (like balloon sleeves and skirts to the ankle) or small (think shrunken sweaters and cropped tops). The faux leather, in particular, is dreadful and feels like plastic. It was the exact opposite of this description by Bustle, which said of Prologue "Since the designs and silhouettes are so simple, the label decided to really focus on expensive looking and feeling fabrics to elevate the looks." Wrong!

I did try on this basic black dress. With the attached wrap belt, it looked very much like something Zara or Mango would offer. But when I tried my usual size, I was swimming in it. So on a positive note, I guess in some Prologue styles you can go at least one size down. My advice would be to definitely try some looks on in store before ordering online to get an idea of how this line fits your body.

What about you, readers? Have you seen (or bought) anything from Prologue yet, and if so, what are your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Coming Soon To Target: Prologue

Target is about to introduce us to Prologue, its latest brand of women’s apparel, in select stores and online nationwide this Friday.

According to The Star-Tribune, this new line – which has a modern, minimalist look – is a continuation of Target's strategy to revamp its collection of store brands on everything from housewares to fashion. Target has introduced more than a dozen house brands in the past 18 months.

Prologue is “very urban and very simple,” says Target spokeswoman Jessica Carlson. Looking at the preview pics, the line definitely has a very modern, clean aesthetic. And unlike some of their other recent apparel launches, Prologue doesn’t include accessories (such as shoes or jewelry) and not all plus-sizes are available in stores.

Similar to what they do with the Who What Wear brand, Target says its strategy with Prologue is to bring new styles to market every four to eight weeks. According to Elle.com, this new collab is as good as Zara, but cheaper. 

For more insights on this new brand, check out this article on A Bullseye View. Prologue will be available starting this Friday, Sept. 14, in select Target stores and on Target.com. Prices range from just $12.99 to $49.99, and will be available in sizes 0-16, with many pieces up to 26W available online. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Fab Find: Pinecone Coaster Set

A few weeks ago I spied this lovely gilded pinecone coaster set by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target.  Stacked up it looks like a pinecone figurine, but it comes apart to reveal a set of 4 golden coasters. Just $19.99 in select stores and at Target.com.

And now a message from your sponsor...

Hello readers! I realize I haven't posted in a couple of months. To be honest, this former "Target Addict" isn't nearly as enamored with the Bullseye as I used to be a decade ago when I started this blog. I've just been finding it harder and harder to find worthwhile topics to write about. So I've decided to scale back, and most likely will just be posting 1-2 times a week vs. almost every day.

To those of you who have hung in there with me through the years, thank you for your patience and understanding. If you still want a 'daily dose' of Target, I suggest following targetdoesitagain or meetmeattarget on Instagram. FYI, there is another #targetaddict on Instagram, but that's not me ;-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fab Find: A New Day Ruffle Tank Top

Happy almost-4th-of-July, readers! I hope you're having a relaxing week. Today I want to share with you a fab find I found in stores a few weeks ago, but it took a while for it to hit Target.com. This adorable asymmetrical ruffle tank - in a pretty white floral pattern - would look great on Independence Day paired with a pair of red jeans or a denim-blue skirt. Best of all, it's only $17.99... and through  July 4th, you can get for 20% off - either online with code JULY4 or in stores with the Cartwheel App.

And now a programming note... I'll be taking an extended vacation for the next month. That means no posts until August. Until then, I hope everyone has a fabulous Summer!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Look for Less: Valentino vs. Universal Thread

Bow slide shoes seem to be EVERYWHERE this summer. And with so many options, this is one trend where it's easy to save some dough.

Case in point: you could shell out $297 for the red suede Valentino slides, shown at top. Or you could get a super-similar look by Universal Thread (at Target) shown on bottom for just $24.97. Plus, now through July 4th, you can get an additional 20% off select shoes at Target with the code JULY4.

Clearance Alert: Hearth & Hand Office Supplies

I personally have not found Hearth & Hand With Magnolia products to go on clearance that often. I guess the line sells well enough to not need to mark it down. Which is why I was surprised to see all the Hearth & Hand office supplies marked down this past week (at least in my local Target stores) for 50% off.

There was a good selection of journals, notebooks, document boxes, file folders, staplers and tape dispensers - all half off. Online this H&H selection is labeled "Home Office", and seems to still be at full price.

New at Target: Heyday

Remember me telling you a few weeks back about the 3 new brands Target had in mind for GenZ?  Well one of those brands - Heyday - just launched at Target, and is highlighted in their new Weekly Ad.

Heyday invites customers to play up their look with the power of tech with fun cell phone cases, headphones, speakers and more. Plus they boast exceptional quality at make-you-do-a-double-take prices, with everything under $60.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Clearance Alert: Target Home Decor

It's that time of year again when Target starts to clear out their home decor and furnishings to make room for all the dorm room/back to college offerings. So right now, you can score great items from Threshold, Project 62 and Opalhouse at 30 - 50% off. Some of the deals go even deeper: the other day I got this pretty tasseled Opalhouse table runner for 70% off! (although it seems to still be full price online).

New at Target: Made By Design

As if Target didn't have enough going on in the Home department - from Threshold and Project 62 to Hearth and Hand with Magnolia and Opalhouse, now they're introducing Made By Design: everyday items to simplify your life and complement your ever-evolving style.

With a clean, simple aesthetic, Made By Design pieces will look great in any home, whatever your style. They’re long-lasting and, like all of Target's in-house brands, is backed by their one-year guarantee return policy. Plus, most items clock in at under $30. You can check out the full look book here on Target.com.

Made By Design debuted in all Target stores and on Target.com June 23. Prices range from $1 to $260 for bedding, bath accessories, storage solutions, kitchen tools and furniture, with most items less than $30.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fab Find: Merona Swim Coverup

While perusing the Merona swim offerings that I told you about yesterday, I came upon this cute coverup (shown). The smocked waist makes it figure-flattering, and the orange tassels add a fun detail. Plus, it's very highly rated on Target.com, so I ordered it.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Target still offering Merona swimwear...

If you've perused the swimwear section at Target lately, you may have been confused - as I was - to see the Merona label everywhere. Almost a year ago, Target announced it was going to ditch the Merona brand. And by last September, the brand had pretty much disappeared from stores. So why the return with swimwear? I'm not sure, but a quick check of Target.com shows a large selection of Merona swimsuits (like this one, shown here) and cute coverups, all with the Merona label.

Clearance Alert: Opalhouse

I snapped this shot several days ago at one of my local Target stores... if you zoom in, you'll see dozens of little red clearance stickers on this display for Opalhouse.  This line is beautiful, and there's lots of great buys to be had. It makes me wonder why this line isn't selling out faster, but perhaps stores are making room for BTS/dorm room merchandise - ?

Speaking of sales: have you noticed that the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia hardly ever goes on sale? I can count on one hand the amount of H&H merch I've seen on clearance. And what happened to Hunter for Target? It seemed like once the collab was over, it was OVER; the leftovers never hit the clearance racks and seemed to be removed from stores within a month of launching in stores.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fab Find: A New Day Tie Shoulder Tank

I realized today that I haven't been posting as frequently as I usually do...  partly because I have a lot of crap going on with me personally and partly 'cuz recently I came back from Target VERY frustrated as not only were they out of some of the things I needed, but they've started playing bad pop music into my local store, which is HELLA annoying.

But my mood changed today when I had some free time to myself and I visited a different Target store where I found this gem. Not only is this top SUPER cute, it looks much more expensive than $19.99. This looks like something you'd find at Banana Republic or JCrew (at twice the price) vs. good 'ol Tar-jay.

Target to launch 3 GenZ brands...

Target now has it's sights set on the generation after Millennials. Generation Z - the generation after Millennials -  is defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. This makes up 25% of the U.S. population, making them larger than the Baby Boomers or Millennials, and thereby a key market for the future of Target.

According to A Bullseye View, Target's younger guests (think teens and young adults) crave authenticity, creativity and Insta-worthy ways to show off their personal style. They know this because they did mountains of research, from interviews and visits to guests’ homes to inviting teens to HQ to share their perspectives and experiences. Turns out that these guests already love Target, but they want more: more ways to express themselves, more unique shopping experiences—and more for their money. Hence, the introduction of Heyday, Wild Fable and Original Use:

Heyday invites customers to play up their look with the power of tech. Think fun cell phone cases, headphones, speakers and more, all with exceptional quality at make-you-do-a-double-take prices (most pieces are under $20 and everything’s less than $60). Watch for Heyday to arrive at stores and Target.com in June.

Aimed at young women, Wild Fable offers trendy apparel and super-chic accessories and shoes are meant to mix, match and make your own, all for less than $40 per piece. The entire line’s designed to look and feel amazing from size 0 to 26W. Wild Fable makes its Target debut in August.

And the street style-inspired Original Use - geared towards young men - empowers experimentation with personal style. And no fussing with fit—everything’s available in Big & Tall sizes, too. This Target-exclusive brand arrives at Target and Target.com in August, with prices ranging from $10 to $40.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Fab Find: Baby Shower Balloons

In the Dollar Aisle at Target I found these adorable metallic script balloons. They come in "boy", "girl" and "baby" versions. And at just $5 each, you could buy several to decorate a baby shower or child's birthday party.

Hunter devolves into a small, sad display...

The Hunter for Target offerings at my local Target store has devolved into a small, sad display (as shown here). Three weeks into this collab, the special signage and dedicated floor space is gone, replaced by just the small "reminder" sign (that any returns from this collection needs to be returned within 14 days).  Every time I visit this store, the sad little collection changes, as more and more online returns trickle in. So far, the goods are still at full price (both online and in stores) but I have to wonder how much longer Target will wait until putting the leftovers on clearance.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

10 Best Allergy Products At Target...

Bustle has posted a roundup of the 10 best allergy products you can buy at Target. Some are predictable, such as a handheld vacuum, faux down blanket and hypoallergenic laundry detergent. But others are a bit of a surprise, such as faux houseplants and a filtered showerhead. You can check out the full list here. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Now at Target: Magnolia Table Cookbook

As if the Fixer Upper empire isn't big enough, Target just launched a new cookbook by Joanna Gaines called “Magnolia Table”. The retailer is offering an exclusive Hearth & Hand with Magnolia edition of the book that you’ll only find at Target.

This special edition includes seven exclusive recipes, featuring delicious dishes like bacon and cheddar quiche and an open-faced grilled cheese with arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle, as well as bonus photographs and a handwritten note from Joanna.

From breakfast, lunch and dinner to small plates, snacks and desserts, there are over 100 recipes highlighting American classics and Gaines’ family favorites, as well as selections from the couple's newly opened restaurant, Magnolia Table. For a Q&A with Joanna about her inspiration for the book, check out this post on A Bullseye View.