Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fab Find: Dollar Aisle Journals

My latest score from the Dollar Aisle at Target are these fun faux-leather journals. At just $3 each, they come in a variety of neutral shades and sport cute sayings like "take note" and "plotting & planning".

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Target shutters two big innovation projects...

Recode reports that following a disappointing holiday season, Target has decided to cut two of its most ambitious long-term projects before they even got off the ground.

One of the projects was dubbed the “Store of the Future” and consisted of a team building out a prototype for a small-format Target store that would be part showroom and part warehouse, complete with robots picking items behind the scenes to have ready for customers as they checked out.

The store was also expected to more closely integrate Target’s e-commerce offerings and include space for more experiential activities like classes and meet-ups.The Store of the Future was likely to open this year, so the decision to ax it completely blindsided leaders working on the project, according to two sources. Target CEO Brian Cornell was said to be excited about the initiative, making the shutdown even more shocking, these people said.

The other project was an internal startup called Goldfish that was building a software platform that would have the potential to someday become an open marketplace on which retailers other than Target might list goods for sale, sources said. In the near term, Target was set to first use the platform itself for a fashion site that had a social media feel. The leader of this project, former PayPal exec West Stringfellow, has told people he and his staff have been let go from the company, despite the fact that the project was set to launch next month.

Fab Find: "Things" and "Stuff" Caddies

Several months ago I first blogged about these adorable canisters, which are technically bathroom caddies but could be used in any room for holding just about anything. Well now, these cute canisters for "things" or "stuff" are on clearance at Target. When I snapped this pic a week ago, they were on sale for 30% off, and when I returned yesterday they were marked down further to 50% off.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Man accused of plotting explosions in Target stores...

This story was all over the news this week, so apologies for not posting it until now. As Consumerist reports, a Florida man allegedly hatched a plot to set off homemade explosives in several Target stores on the East Coast, with the goal to set Target’s stock into a tailspin.

According to the criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Ocala, a 48-year-old Ocala man was charged with “possession of a firearm (destructive device) affecting commerce by a previously convicted felon” after he went looking for help with his alleged plot.

Investigators say he offered a “confidential source” $10,000 to hide at least 10 explosives disguised as food items on the shelves of Target stores in Virginia, Florida, and New York. The suspect is a registered sex offender on probation, and as such, wears a Global Positioning Device (which prevented him from carrying out the alleged plot himself).

According to the complaint, he made bombs at home and gave them to the source to deliver as “packages” of breakfast bars, stuffing mix and pasta, along with a bag of gloves, a mask and a license-plate cover. Police say the suspect then explained to the confidential source that he would have to remove a rubber band on the exterior of each of the boxes to activate a triggering device that was inside. “[The suspect] told the CS not to let the box bounce around or they would explode,” the complaint states, though he reassured the source they wouldn’t kill anybody they would “take your hand off.”

So why would he want to bomb Target stores? To cash in. “[The suspect] theorized that the company’s stock value would plunge after the explosions, allowing him to cheaply acquire shares of Target stock before an eventual rebound in prices,” the complaint said.

On Feb. 10th, the suspect gave the unidentified person $280 in travel money, but instead of leaving on the trip, the source turned in the 10 explosive devices to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, plus the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. An explosives expert determined that the bombs “were capable of causing property damage, serious injury, or death to nearby persons upon detonation,” the complaint said. Authorities found rocket motor ignitors, M-5000 explosives, and batteries in a search of the suspect’s home. He’s now facing 10 years in federal prison.

Sale Alert: 25-30% off on

A quick check of this morning shows that the site is having a President's Day Sale: up to 30% off furniture & patio - plus an extra 10% off with the code PRESIDENT - and 25% off most clothing, shoes and accessories. The latter makes me chuckle as I was on the site yesterday and the clothing discount was only 15%, so they must have bumped it up today to try to increase sales.

If you do use the clothing discount (with the code STYLE) buyer beware: don't buy the pleated-back Who What Wear dress shown here. Although it looks lovely in pictures, I've tried it on and IRL it looks dreadful. The problem is that the pleats in back make the dress so heavy that it weighs it down and pulls to the back, which also makes it hard to cinch up the waist.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

New at Target: Oh Joy! Pet Collection

Target collaborator Joy Cho - the creative mind and blogger behind Oh Joy! - is known for bringing splashes of joy, color and whimsy to everyday life. Now she's bringing that spirit to a limited-time only pet line. Featuring a colorful array of pet toys, fancy collars, water dishes and posh pet beds, the line is mainly dog-centric (although cat lovers could make use of the dishes and beds).

Shop the Oh Joy! pet collection at select Target stores and on But hurry—they’re only available for six weeks.

Fab Find: Easter Straws

Another fab find from the Dollar Aisle at Target: these adorable Easter-themed paper drinking straws. Each gold-striped straw has a white cotton-tailed bunny attached to it. These run $3 for a pack of 16, and simpler straws with dots or flowers (without the bunny do-dads) run $3 for a pack of 24.