Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New at Target: Sami & Dani

Another new-ish brand I've recently discovered at Target is the fashion line Sami & Dani. Offering mostly dresses - with a smattering of tops, skirts, and jumpsuits - this line is only offered online and is not available in Target stores. From the online comments, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and it looks like this brand debuted about 3-4 months ago.

I ordered this dress (shown) and found it to be true to size and well made. In fact, I thought the construction was superior to other Target in-house brands (like Merona and Mossimo) with better fabrics and more substantial zippers and fasteners. This particular dress I returned only because the "lace" overlay is crocheted and I was afraid I'd snag it too easily. I did keep the denim dress I ordered, and also have a couple more styles on the way. My one complaint, though, is that it seems like many sizes are sold out, and it doesn't look like Target will be restocking them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fab Find: Threshold Monogram Pillow Covers

Yesterday in Target I spied these neat cotton monogram pillow covers by Threshold. The backside is done up in a pretty coordinating lattice print, and besides letters they also had an "&" (ampersand) symbol. Best of all, they run just $16.99, which is a much better price-point than Pottery Barn's version (which you order to be monogrammed and will set you back $39.50 each).

Now for the bad news: they don't carry every letter in the alphabet, and these seem to only be available in stores (and not for purchase online). Furthermore, each color (Blue, Gray, Tan and Yellow) only comes in 3-4 letters... so if you're looking for a blue "B" you're out of luck, as B only comes in yellow.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New at Target: OUI by French Bull

This brand may not be that new to Target, but it's new to me. Over the weekend I noticed this colorful endcap in the bedding aisle by the brand OUI by French Bull.  With their fun patterns and bright pops of color, this line couldn't help but make me smile (as the pillow instructed me to!). I could not find any information on about the brand, and curiously enough, none of the bedding I saw is sold online - only Home/Kitchen/Electronic Accessories. But from the packaging, I gleaned this:

"French Bull was founded by designer and pop culture enthusiast Jackie Shapiro. We began our company with melamine tabletop and entertainment products for the home. The brand is dedicated to individualism, excitement and pop. We make the ordinary extraordinary.

OUI by French Bull captures the essence of French Bull for all to love. Our passions have become as limitless as the spectrum of color from which French Bull draws its distinct look."

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fun Facts About Target's Mascot...

A Bullseye View has posted some fun facts about Target's adorable Bull Terrier mascot, Bullseye. For instance, did you know...
  • To create the signature bullseye image around the dog’s eye, Target uses a Humane Society-approved vegetable-based cosmetic paint applied by a professional make-up artist.
  • Bullseye has a full wardrobe including a special parka and booties for Iditarod, a tux for formal events, several fire suits for IndyCar and NASCAR races, a Minnesota Twins baseball jersey and a special Hawaiian lei.
  • Bullseye has become a pop culture icon, and was the first animal to be immortalized in wax at Madam Tussaud’s in New York.
For more fun facts - plus additional pictures of the little cutie - head over to A Bullseye View.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday's Rave: Sonia Kashuk's Perfecting Luminous Foundation

Regular readers may recall that I've raved about this product before - five years ago, to be exact. But I've recently re-discovered it, so I felt it deserved another shout-out.

I'm not sure why I strayed from this product in the first place, except that I used to be big fan of Sonia Kashuk's Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, which I've also raved about before. At some point I started using the Tinted Moisturizer as my regular foundation, and everything was peachy until SK changed her formulation a little over a year ago which completely changed the product. Since then I've been using my my "stash" of the older formula and been on the hunt for a new replacement. I've tried countless products - foundations and tinted moisturizers as well as BB creams - from the likes of Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal, Boots, Dr. Lewinn, Aveeno, etc., but with no luck. Almost everything I tried made me break out horribly.

Then I realized that the common denominator in the re-formulized SK Tinted Moisturizer and all the other products I had tried were the sunscreen ingredients: Octinoxate, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide. Once I zeroed in on those, I knew I needed a product that didn't contain them. Which led me back to Sonia Kashuk's Perfecting Luminous Foundation, which I've been using for a couple of weeks now with great results. This product only comes in six shades, but luckily one of them (Cream) is a perfect match for my skintone. As the name suggests, it gives you a "perfectly luminous" finish, and best of all, it hasn't caused any irritation or breakouts.

My one complaint is the fragrance: it's a bit strong, and I'm a bit puzzled as to why Sonia felt compelled to add a scent to this in the first place. It also doesn't contain any SPF, but considering that SK now uses irritating sunscreen ingredients in her Tinted Moisturizer, I'm glad she left them out of this product.

Monday, February 23, 2015

New at Target: ORLY Color AMP'D

Target’s latest addition to the beauty aisle is ORLY Color AMP’D, a collection of 36 long-lasting nail lacquers in a rainbow of colors. ORLY - whose founder invented the French manicure - is a brand that has been synonymous with innovation and quality since the 1970s and is beloved by makeup artists and celebrity manicurists alike.

ORLY Color AMP’D is infused with Flexible Color and Flexible Sealcoat technology, which enables a salon-quality manicure at home in just two easy steps, with no UV light required. The smudge-fixing formula self-corrects minor dings and dents for a manicure that lasts more than a week – that’s up to twice as long as a traditional manicure. The best part? When you’re ready to switch up your color, ORLY Color AMP’D can be taken off at home using regular nail polish remover. 

ORLY Color AMP’D is now available exclusively on, and will roll out to all Target stores beginning March 8th. Prices range from $9.99 for Flexible Colors and Flexible Sealcoat, to $14.99 for a Launch Kit containing a Flexible Color and Flexible Sealcoat. The launch, which coincides with ORLY’s 40th anniversary, marks the Los Angeles-based brand’s first major foray into the mass beauty market.

Target's New Shipping Policy...

In case you hadn't noticed yet, Target has posted a new shipping policy on their website. The Bullseye is now offering free shipping for any order over $25; their previous policy was a minimum order of $50. The "Free" option is standard shipping (3-5 business days) and you can still upgrade to "Express" (1-day) or "Premium" (2-day) for a fee - depending on your order total - if want something faster.