Friday, February 17, 2012

Double-Take: Target vs. Pottery Barn

It's time for another double-take, where we take one item from the Bullseye and match it up against a similar designer piece. Today we're pitting two lookalike lamps head-to-head. One of these is “The Surveyor’s Lamp” by Pottery Barn (shade included) and it’ll set you back $309. The other is the “Surveyor Lamp Base” from Target Home for $39.99, paired with Target’s burlap/cotton shade for $15.79 – bringing Target’s total to about $56. Can you guess which is which? Admittedly, this one is pretty much a giveaway due to the stylized photo, but I’ll still post the answer in the comments section.


Target Addict said...

The lamp on the left is from Target, and the one on the right is from Pottery Barn. But crappy Target photo aside, the two are pretty similar, eh? And PB’s certainly isn’t worth $253 more!

tnt521 said...

Saw this in the store and if I was in need of a lamp I would snap it up. It looks wonderful in real life!

Tammy T

Target Addict said...

Tammy, I agree! I saw it in the store too and fell in love with it...but alas, I don't have a need for another lamp, so I passed on it.