Monday, August 31, 2009

Anna Sheffield hits

The Anna Sheffield for Target jewelry collection has debuted on, although I have not seen the goods up close and personal yet in stores. While I am coveting this gold and silver Charm Necklace, at $49.99 it is one of the pricier pieces in the collection... so I think I may wait a couple of weeks to see if it (hopefully!) goes on sale.

I'm also a little confused by the pics on the website; they have a somewhat grainy tone to them, almost like a sepia-tint. ???! I guess this is intentional, as the collection's tagline is "vintage gone modern at throwback prices".

A Head-to-Toe Party Look for under $100 at Target

StyleList blogger Melissa Foss offers up tips on how to get a complete party look from Target – from dress to shoes to accessories – on this video:

One note: the Target feature starts in at about 1:50 into the video. Prior to that, Melissa focuses her efforts on Bloomingdales.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. This week's pick is the Smith & Hawken home decor harvest collection, which is on sale this week. And I plan to pick it up while I can, since as I’ve blogged about previously, who knows whether Target will continue to carry the Smith & Hawken line in the future.

Right now this lovely Japanese Berry Wreath is on sale for just $29 (regularly $39.99). I also have my eye on this Falling Leaves Doormat, on sale for $18.

Please note that this is seasonal merchandise, with no rain checks. And some items – like the Harvest Berry Bundle and Pumpkin Candle Holder shown here, both on sale for $15 - are available in stores only.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Former Target employee on Project Runway

A former clothing designer for the Bullseye is getting his chance at fame and fortune on Project Runway. Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman is among the 16 contestants competing for the chance to show their designs at New York Fashion Week on the new season of the hit reality show.

Coleman lived in Minneapolis and worked for Target when the show taped in Los Angeles last year. He has since moved to Milwaukee to work as a designer for Kohl's, working on Lauren Conrad's line. A sign, perhaps, that he was at least a finalist on Project Runway? "It means there is a future for Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman in fashion," is all the confident designer - who is sworn to secrecy until the season ends - would say in this interview.

I actually blogged about Ra’mon last October, back when we all thought Season 6 of Project Runway would debut on Lifetime in January. But of course, that didn’t happen, since the latest season was delayed a whole year due to a legal battle between former network Bravo and Lifetime, where Project Runway now airs.

BTW, did y'all catch episode 2 night before last? I did... and I must say, I was NOT impressed by Ra'mon's dress! [FYI, the challenge on this week's show was to design a maternity outfit]. Ra'mon's creation was downright ugly, IMO, and obviously the judges agreed, as he ended up in the bottom 3.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Shaun White 4 Target debuts in stores and online

As I reported last month, the successful Shaun White 4 Target clothing collection for men and boys has returned to the Bullseye, and is now available in stores and online at I know that my teenager is already eyeing this “Ride” hoodie sweatshirt… and at just under $20, I’m liking the wallet-friendly price.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday's Rave: this retro-fabulous packaging

Take a look at these two new offerings from Boots at Target: Original Beauty Formula Cuticle Oil (complete with a cutesy eye-dropper applicator) and Original Beauty Formula Hand Cream – just $7.99 each. I personally think the ultra-feminine, retro-tinged packaging would look great in the bathroom or on a bedroom dressing table.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's Rant: Target running out of school supplies...

Most Tuesdays I take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they ain’t perfect. Today’s rant is a minor one I guess, but still irritating. This past Sunday morning, I took my eldest son (a sophomore in high school) to Target with "the list" for his school supplies, and Target was out of - all things - graph paper. ???! This just baffled me. I mean I know it's Back to School time and all that, but you'd think that Target would order enough of this basic item to keep in stock. I even looked in the office supply section on the other end of the store, but they were out, too.

So then I headed over to Walgreen's, and guess what? They, too, were out! Dreading a third stop at Staples (one town over) I walked down one block to my local stationery shop, Village Stationers (which has been around, like, FOREVER) and lo and behold, success! Although they, too, were out of the looseleaf kind of graph paper, and I had to settle on the notebook kind. Is there some sort of national scarcity of graph paper? Have any of you, dear readers, had a hard time finding certain school supplies this season?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The rumor mill: Liberty of London for Target?

The Stylist blog is reporting the rumor that Liberty of London may be next in line to strike a collaboration deal with Target. Apparantly they've heard buzz that the famouns British department store -- known for its ditsy floral prints -- could soon be offering a line stateside exclusively at the Bullseye.

However, when pressed, Target refused to comment on the rumors. "Although we love Liberty of London and it is possible there will be a future collaboration, there are simply no details to share right now," a Target spokesperson told StyleList.

UPDATE: Rumors are swirling elsewhere, too, with reporting they heard it from ElleUK, and even speculating that the Liberty of London for Target line will debut next Spring and that "colorful, flower-print dresses and accessories are pretty much a given".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. This week's pick is the oh-so-stylish Avington Slipper Chair, which is available in 4 different patterns/colors. Believe me, I'm already trying to figure out which one will work best in my living room, but it's hard for me to choose because I like them all! The Avington Chair is already a bargain at $159.99, and right now Target is offering free shipping on this item! Compare it to this Decor Chair by Crate & Barrel...which is also nice, but is also four times the price of the Target one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mad Men Style, Part Deux

To continue yesterday’s theme: Target can also be a resource for inserting Mad Men style to your home décor. For a swinging living room, check out The Manhattan Collection of furniture on It’s Mid-century modern minus the vintage prices. Top off the look with this mod lamp and this cool frosted glass coffee table, and you’re ready to serve a batch of martinis for lunch!

Don and Betty Draper’s house, on the other hand, is more Colonial Revival in tone. To steal their bedroom look, mimic their iconic velvet headboard with this one from Simply Shabby Chic. Complete the look with this prissy Crystal Candlestick lamp and Vanity Table with matching stool (covered in a “glossy beige brocade” that Betty would be sure to love).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad Men Style at Target

How many of you caught the season 3 premier of “Mad Men” this past Sunday? I did; there’s no way I was going to miss that dreamy Don Draper! It got me thinking about how much I love the set design and costuming on that show, especially the women’s fashions. And then I started seeing some of the new offerings from the Merona Collection at Target, and thinking that Mad Men quite possibly could have influenced their designs this season!

First up is this Beaded Neckline Dress in Purple (shown). Can’t you just picture it on Grace Kelly-lookalike Betty Draper at a cocktail party? Then there’s this prim-n-proper Black Keyhole Dress for Peggy – perfect for her to wear to work now that she’s graduated to copywriter from the secretarial pool. And finally, how about this brown/black Crosshatch Pencil Skirt for vampy Joan? It’d be perfect for her to show off her curves at the office.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: Pixi’s Lumi Lux Lip Palette

I’m often tempted by the endcaps at Target. You know… the ones with the random clearance items? There I often find things I don’t need - but end up wanting - often because the price is just too good to be true.

That’s where I found this Lumi Lux Lip Palette kit by Pixi, marked down 75% to just $6.25 (from $25). Granted, I didn’t NEED another lip color – let alone 20 of them! – but then again, where else was I going to find so many color options for so little money? From whisper-nude neutrals to paint-the-town reds, I’ve got my lips covered. Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t seem to be on sale on Target’s web site, but perhaps you can find your own on an endcap at a store near you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preview: Rodarte for Target has posted some grainy Twitter-pics (believe me, this one is the best of the bunch!) from Target's press briefing today. The Rodarte for Target collection is described by Lucky Magazine as "beautiful, ethereal, and lacey," adding that they "won't be priced above $80." I do like the clean/classic lines of this dress, and will definitely plan to try it on once the line hits stores in December.

Consumer Alert: Target Recalls 43,000 Booster Seats

Target is voluntarily recalling 43,000 Circo Booster Seats (pictured at left). The Consumer Product and Safety Commission says the seat’s restraint buckle can open unexpectedly, allowing a child to fall. So far, Target has received eight reports of the buckle coming undone resulting in three injuries.

The chairs were sold at Target stores nationwide from December 2008 through June 2009 for about $13. Consumers can return the seats to any Target store for a full refund. For more information, call Target at (800) 440-0680 or go to

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad about Plaid...

As both The Recessionista and Angie over at YouLookFab have pointed out recently, plaid is definitely IN for Fall. I’m not so sure about how I feel about this trend, as like The Recessionista, I had to endure 8 years of Catholic grammar school. So for me, plaid always conjures up memories of my horrid school uniform. Nonetheless, plaid seems to be EVERYWHERE this season, including Target, which has a variety of plaid tops on sale for juniors on sale this week. Shown is the Mossimo plaid tunic top in China blue/black; it also comes in Victory Red/white/black and Grape/white black, and this week it’s on sale for just $15 (regularly $19.99). Also on sale this week is a more blousy-style top by Mossimo (available in stores only) as well as this printed-plaid cardigan by Xhilaration.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. This week's pick was front and center on the Ad's cover, and too good to pass up: this Haier 2.8 cu/ft. mini-fridge, on sale this week for just $79. That's over $50 off the regular price! Perfect for dorm rooms or extra storage for the garage or patio... or, as I'm thinking of doing, buying one for personal use in my office (so that I won't have to share the gross "community fridge" in the lunch room anymore).

Available in stores only; not available online.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Preview: Anna Sheffield for Target

Lucky Magazine has posted these preview pics of the Anna Sheffield for Target collection (shown) which will officially hit stores on Aug. 30th. Her vintage/edgy fusion of sterling, stone and mixed metals will hit the wallet-friendly range of $19.99 - $79.99, with most pieces offered below $40. From the looks of it, I’m going to have a hard time picking my favorite, and I’m probably going to end up buying up half the collection (as I did with the Dean Harris for Target line!).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Target partners with Carissa Moore

Target has announced a new partnership with 16-year-old professional surfer Carissa Moore. "I love Target and I am honored to make my relationship with them official," said Carissa. "Target opened two stores in Hawaii this year and it’s been great to have one so close to home. I’m really excited and am looking forward to working together. I know we’ll have a lot of fun."

An 11-time NSSA National Champion, Carissa was born and raised in Honolulu, HI. She is currently tied for first place in the Women’s World Qualifying Series.

"Carissa is a phenomenal athlete as well as a terrific ambassador of women’s surfing. We are excited about the partnership and to be supporting her in ways that will assist her continued progression," said Troy Michels of Target lifestyle marketing.

Target has been a long-time partner with many athletes that appeal to teens and young adults. Most recently, the company has worked with snowboarder Shaun White on clothing lines for boys and young men. It is yet unknown what the extent of the partnership with Carissa will be, but I assume that like Shaun, she'll lend her name to some sort of sportswear line.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: this Merona Collection halter top

Do you ever pick up something at Target that you’re not so sure about, then get it home and fall in love? Well that was me with this Merona Collection crossback halter top. The super-soft cotton and modal fabric “had me at hello”, but I don’t always like the way I look in halter tops, so it took a trip home to try it on to seal the deal.

The other appeal was the color: this sunny, Sunkist-orange. Apologies, but this small picture is the only one I could find on the web, as it looks like this color has sold out online. I did find one in “Bittersweet Brown” on, and maybe you’ll be lucky like me and find one on the clearance rack for 30% off (marked down to just $12.58!).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday’s Rant: Target rushing the seasons (again)

Most Tuesdays I take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they aren’t perfect. Today’s rant is a familiar one: rushing to the next season when the one we’re in ain’t over yet. I blogged about it back in June, and I’m gonna complain about it again. It’s only the 11th of August, and yet my local Target has already put out Halloween/Harvest decor. What the ?????!!!!

That’s the bad news. The good news is that the decorations I saw were from Smith & Hawken! And while this isn’t proof that the brand will still around now that the parent company has gone bankrupt, it does mean that Target still has a supply of Smith & Hawken merchandise, like this Smith & Hawken scented pumpkin candle (shown).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ted Gibson products at Target

If you've watched the new season of "What Not to Wear" these past couple of weeks, then you've met Ted Gibson, the new in-house hair stylist on the popular makeover show. Ted replaces Nick Arrojo, the previous hair guru on the show’s first 6 seasons.

Gibson, a celebrity hair stylist and salon owner in New York, now has his products available at select Target stores as well as on, including his "famous" Hair Sheets. You get five foil treatment sheets to a box for $19.99. You massage the deep-conditioning towelette on dry hair, starting with the ends and working your way up. I'm thinking this may help with my summer frizzies because the sheets are infused with goodies like amino acids, vitamins A, B5, and E; wild orchid extract; and a blend of silicone compounds, conditioning agents and natural lavender oil.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. Now this item immediately caught my eye in today's ad and I thought it was just too cute not to blog about. As pictured, this melamine dinnerware from Target's College '09 collection says it all: you can drink, slurp, and chow your way through life. Not only would this be a great set for a student going away to school, but also as an extra set of dinnerware for picnics or patio parties (since melamine is pretty durable and hard to break). And each piece - the tumbler, bowl, and dinner plate - are on sale this week for just $1.79!

One note: these dishes are available in stores only (not online) and are considered seasonal merchchandise (so no rainchecks).

Friday, August 7, 2009

Target plans to split with

According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Target plans to split operations from

Target, which had outsourced much of its e-commerce technology and fulfillment services to since 2001, issued a press release today saying that it plans to launch and manage its own platform beginning with the holiday season in 2011.

“To deliver a customized multi-channel experience for Target’s guests, we believe it is in Target’s best interest going forward to assume full control over the design and management of Target’s e-commerce technology platform, fulfillment and guest services operations,” said Steve Eastman, president of

To tell you the truth, I never really understood the Target/Amazon relationship. My assumption was that Target engaged them in partnership since they didn't have the capabilities to develop a robust web site on their own. It sounds like they do have those capabilities now, so it makes sense for them to bring everything in-house.

Target's next Go International designer: Rodarte

Many thanks to The Recessionista for the scoop that Target's next Go International collection will be by Rodarte, the designing duo of sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy (pictured here with actress Kirsten Dunst).

The collection - which is scheduled to launch on December 20 - will offer up a total of 55 pieces just in time for last minute holiday shoppers. And the price? Rodarte for Target’s Go International line will start at just $9.99 and max out at $79.99.

Rodarte, a label known for its elaborate red carpet ensembles (besides Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman are also fans) will translate their signature designs into mass market appeal with their line for Target.

“What you’ll notice is an amazing eye for detail,” said Target spokesman, Joshua Thomas. “It’s very feminine, yet very modern. The collection incorporates a rich mix of patterns and fabrications and everything from sequins and bows to faux fur. The key with Rodarte is layering.”

The collection also includes “a variety of great holiday dresses,” according to Thomas, which is welcome news to anyone who’s longed to wear a party dress from an avant garde label.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love Target red? Now you can wear it!

Target adds another “notch to the lipstick case” with the introduction of L’Oréal Paris Infallible™ Never Fail Lipcolour and PRO Manicure Nail Polish in Target Red.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible™ Never Fail Lipcolour in Target Red ($9.99, shown) and L’Oréal Paris PRO Manicure Nail Polish in Target Red ($3.99) are available exclusively at Target stores nationwide this summer.

Following the smash-hit of L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour in Target Red - which was the first collaboration between Target and L’Oréal - this gorgeous shade hits the “bullseye” twice more in a high performance, long-wear lip color and an ultra-precision, chip-resistant nail lacquer. Created with L’Oréal’s advanced technology formulations, women now have two new ways to signify they’re feeling fabulous with this versatile red.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday's Rave: this Merona sport wedge

I found this Merona sport wedge on the StyleStance blog today and was immediately smitten! It's the perfect blend of a summer heel with a sporty slingback: just the thing you need when you want something one-step-up from sneakers, but not as dressy as heels. And the classic black and white canvas and faux patent leather combo ensures it will go with almost anything. Best of all, it's on sale at Target for 50% off, marked down to just $12.48!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Rant: lead found in some Target purses

Most Tuesdays I take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they ain’t perfect. Today’s rant is about Target being accused (again) of carrying unsafe lead products. And this time it’s in women’s purses, of all places.

Recently in California, dozens of accessories at a variety of retailers – including Target – were found violating the state’s lead standard. California’s lead standard, otherwise known as Proposition 65, prohibits businesses from knowingly exposing individuals to harmful chemicals without providing a warning. The problem is, Proposition 65 does not apply in Arizona or other states. Currently, there are no laws in Arizona regulating lead in purses, which led ABC15 in Phoenix to launch their own investigation.

They found that lead laced purses can still be on store shelves and you may not even know. And Diane Eckles with the Arizona Department of Health Services said that’s dangerous. She said children who mouth on or chew purses containing lead are most at risk. “I could see a child lead poisoned from these types of purses,” she said.

So the ABC15 Investigators tested 30 purses at six local stores using lead test swabs, and two Xhilaration brand purses sold at Target tested positive. After being sent to a lab to be broken down to see exactly how much lead was on the surface, the small orange Xhilaration brand purse (shown) came back showing a lead level of 4490 parts per million. That is more than seven times the EPA’s legal limit for lead in paint.

You can read the full story here, including Target’s lame response. My question is: why is lead even IN these products in the first place?? I just cannot fathom the logic in this.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Target's Daily Deals is in the midst of a series of one-day sales on brands the store doesn't usually carry. Last week, that meant you could buy a Via Spiga leather tote for $74.99 (list price $150) and Big Star women’s bootcut jeans for $41.99 (list price $82.00). And today’s deal is this sweet pair of shades by Dolce & Gabbana (shown) for just $79.99! (regularly $179.99).

You also get free shipping with the Daily Deals. Click on the “Daily Deals” banner on the home page for day-by-day savings.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. Today's pick is this compact and stylish computer cart from Room Essentials, on sale this week for just $39. Its sleek design in glass and metal (complete with slide-out keyboard) would be a perfect fit in any home office or dorm room; just add a chair and you have a portable desk. Available in stores only; not available online.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What I bought at Target today...

Today was an expensive day at Target, because I bought all new bath towels. The hubby had commented not once but TWICE this week that our old towels (purchased at Marshall's, if I recall correctly) have run their course, lost their softness, and that new towels are needed. So I took that as an invitation to buy a new set, and headed over to Target.

I won't tell you how much I spent... but let's just say that with the hubby and two active boys, we like to have at least 10 bath towels in the linen closet, so you can do the math. I DID save some $$, however, as the towels I wanted (by Thomas O'Brien, and supposedly Target's softest) were on sale. Bath towels were $8.99 on sale (vs. $9.99) and I think the hand towels were $7.50 each. Pictured is the towel set in fetching "Picnic Green", although I bought (as it's my husband's preference) pure white so we can bleach them.