Friday, March 6, 2009

Target’s next “so-called designer” collection

There aren't many Los Angeles shops that get more press than Intuition, so perhaps it's no surprise that owner Jaye Hersh would leverage that notoriety into a special collection for Target. Due to launch this Summer, the Hollywood Intuition line is designed to bring celebrity trends to the masses.

As reported by RackedLA: "Because no Midwestern secretary can be trusted to attempt the Jessica Simpson headscarf tie on her own, clear usage instructions will accompany each accessory". Hersh told WWD "The products that we're featuring will actually be very instructional to the guest. 'This is how you wear a belt bag and turn it into a shoulder bag.' We'll present all that as a story. The way it's merchandised will be unlike anything Target's done before."

This all sounds sort of dubious to me, and as one Racked reader put it, “This is the first Target collaboration that I'm disappointed to see. Intuition is not directional nor inspiring. It's not even the best store in Los Angeles. Target what were you thinking??? From McQueen to this hole in the wall shop?!”