Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More plus-sized options coming soon to Target

The Budget Fashionista is reporting today that Target is getting a new line of plus-sized clothing from the LA-based line Pure Energy. The collection will feature brightly-colored tank tops, floral skirts, maxi-dresses and a variety of denim options, all priced at a wallet-friendly $16.99-$29.99.

Which is great news and all, but Target has offered plus-size clothing from their in-house Mossimo and Merona brands for years. Yes, it's great to have more options for plus-sized gals, but it's not like Target hasn't already been offering clothing in that size range. Like this cute Merona Green-print trench for just $44.99 (shown).


MaryLynn B said...

Target's plus size offerings have been fewer and fewer over the last few years - that is, if you can even find them in the first place since in most stores they are now shoved into a back corner behind the discount racks. So please don't disparage this offering. The fact they're re-addressing this population is a big deal.

Target-Addict said...

Thanks for writing, MaryLynn. I wasn't disparaging the offering so much as trying to point out that Target already carries plus sizes, and that this isn't the first plus-sized line they've introduced. But point taken, and I too am glad that Target is branching out in this market!

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