Friday, March 13, 2009

The Merona Collection at Target

Those of us who have been mourning the loss of Isaac Mizrahi’s line have a couple of choices. We can scour what’s left of his collection at (and at last count there were over 10 pages of merchandise still on clearance). Or better yet, get to know the new “Merona Collection” at Target. This line seems to be replacing Isaac’s as the feminine, ladylike collection of dresses, jackets, and work-wear separates. The prices seem to be on par with what Isaac’s offerings were at, and even some of the cuts/colors are similar. I’m getting a classic, preppy vibe from this new brand… like Ralph Lauren styling with Lily Pulitzer colors & prints in navy, green, pink and white. In any case, I encourage you to check it out both in store (as The Recessionista did; check out her blog for some great pics!) as well as on Target’s web site as some items from The Merona Collection are available exclusively online.

And look at this adorable navy/green swirl-pattern sleeveless dress (pictured) which has already garnered nine 5-star reviews on Doesn’t it just scream “Michelle Obama”?


MH said...

Hey Target Addict--thanks for the shout out. You are right on Target as always with your take on the Merona Collection. It is the successor to Issac. And I liked what I saw. I agree--Lily Pulitzer and 60s inspired. Good value for the price!

Gabrielle said...

Whoa Whoa!!! I didn't know Issac M. was leaving!!!

Soigne1908 said...

It definitely feels like the Isaac successor. The stuff is nice. I'm seeing another parallel with IM for Target -- the largest of the range is not in store anymore.

I can only speak for myself, but I resent shipping charges. Carry all sizes in store.

Bonnie said...

There is a new Merona colorway -- brown and orange and cream, fairly large print, not mosaic or medallion, but not floral either. It matches the polar white pieces. I cannot find ANY of this new series online. Am I out of my mind?

Smiley1229 said...

Hi Target Addict,
I found you page because I am looking for the blue and green swirl dress. It was my FAVORITE and my dry cleaners wrecked it. If anyone knows were to find a replacement, I'd love to hear about it.