Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Sneak Peek: Miss Trish for Target

Yesterday I linked to the Nitrolicious site for pics of the Felix-Rey for Target collection, and today I’m going to link to their site for preview pics of the Miss Trish for Target sandal collection (due in stores April 5th). It was hard for me to pick just one to show here, so be sure to check out their site. This brown pair with the jeweled turtle is adorable, but so is the white pair with the blue whale. I’m not so sure about the toe-ring ones, though; they’re awfully cute, but the toe-ring thing just isn't my style.

Nitrolicious shows 6 styles and speculates whether this is the whole collection or just part of it. My assumption would be that this is all of it; six styles is a lot for a capsule footwear collection. The other thing I’m wondering about is comfort; these sandals look superflat and hard. I actually have a Mossimo pair of wooden-beaded thong sandals from several seasons back that are pretty comfy because while the sole is solid leather, it’s also flexible enough to GIVE. These sandals, though, don’t look as forgiving.


Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

Hi! Love your blog! I just checked the Target site and the Miss Trish of Capri shoes are listed and all of them say they are out of stock!?! How is this possible?

Target-Addict said...

Howdy Oyster Girl! My guess is that Target has pre-posted all the links/pages to the Miss Trish collection ahead of time, tagging them as "out of stock" until they actually ARE in stock and available for ordering on the site. I chalk this up to "lazy web site maintenance" on their part; they're trying to do a bunch of the web-page building ahead of time. But if they were really on the ball, there is a way for them to do this and keep these pages "hidden" from view until the sandals are available for sale.