Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Miss Trish = easy to miss

As I blogged about last week, the disappointing Miss Trish of Capri line for Target sneaked into my hometown Target a couple of weeks ago with no signage or advertising (let alone an endcap of its own). Likewise, I’ve noticed that the Target store near my work is also downplaying the line. So I was amused to read Racked.com’s take on it today: “Without much (or any) fanfare, the Miss Trish of Capri shoe line debuted at Target.com over the weekend.”


Anonymous said...

The red slides with the gold starfish are the only cute ones (I thought). But, I"m going to pass. Don't need them that badly.

Jenny K. said...

I think they're all hideous. That's just being perfectly honest.

Teri said...

I generally don't like any of Target's shoe lines. They seem quite cheap and never have anything I like or that fits. I would expect better from them.