Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: these Mossimo sandals

I don’t peruse the shoe department at Target that much. For the most part, their shoes have been a disappointment to me, outside of one adorable pair of wooden-beaded embellished Cherokee sandals from 4 years ago (which I’m actually wearing right now) and a couple of other shoes styles I’ve blogged about here. Certainly the recent Miss Trish line was a huge letdown. So usually when it comes to Target and shoes, I think “why bother?”

But that changed this week when I found the Willa thong in Yellow by Mossimo. Seriously, it looks a lot like a pair of Tod’s sandals I had a couple of years ago that I practically wore out over the course of the summer after wearing them so much. These Willa sandals are not only stylish, they’re comfy as well, with a contoured, suede-lined footbed.

The only problem? Finding them. When I first spied them on the rack at the Target near my work, they only had size 9 and up (whereas I’m a middle-of-the-road size 7). So then I went online, and all they had were sizes 5 and 5 ½. Yesterday, I went to the Target near my house, but still no luck. Then FINALLY I found them at the Target in between my work and home… success!

PS: these cuties also come in Tan, but IMO, the tan is boring and Yellow is the way to go.

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