Monday, January 5, 2009

What happened to Target’s Global Bazaar?

Usually by now, those of us who hold Target RedCard accounts would have been notified in advance of Target’s upcoming Global Bazaar. The annual home furnishings event - a limited-edition affair that featured merchandise with a global look and feel - was introduced back in 2005 and usually lasts from early January through mid-February.

For the first 3 years the event was organized by countries of origin, such as Mexico, India or China. Last year marked a departure by organizing sections by color: Red, Bronze, Green, Yellow/Black and Blue/Purple. And now it seems that Target is eliminating the “Global” part altogether.

Since I hadn’t heard any mention of this year’s Global Bazaar, I decided to do a little digging. And, from what limited information I could gather on the internet, it seems it's now simply called “The Home Design Event” and will be organized this time by room (Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, etc) and by category (Furniture, Home Décor, etc.). The event has already debuted on Target’s website, but I have yet to see it displayed in stores.


Laura said...

Thanks for digging...I was wondering the same thing. I called my Target and they said it would be set up tonight...I cant wait!

Sarah said...

Thank you for find this out! I was beginning to get worried myself! For the fast few years I've really looked forward to the "Global Bazaar". I saved my Target gift card I got for Christmas to use on this event. But it still looks good regardless of the name change. Thanks again for your detective work!

Meg said...

I hope that does not mean that since they are taking the "Global" out of the event that everything will now be "Made in China". It was really nice to have a Turkish kilim pillow REALLY be from Turkey. Or an African vase REALLY be from Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Target major fail.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

here i was digging... "googling" to find an answer...
led me to you!
thanks for the tip... happy to know.
not happy to know... it's changed.
oh well... i am sure still lots of goodness to be found!