Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review: Target’s Home Design Event

I was able to check out the merchandise in person at Target this past week, and in my humble opinion, I think this Home Design Event collection is exceptionally well done! It is still somewhat organized by color, which is great for those who are “design challenged” (as I apt to be!) but also edited by area/living space…because the bathroom stuff is all together, and they have a great selection of accessories to help organize (and decorate) your bath (including a variety of soap & lotion products from brand names like Philosophy and Dr. Bronner’s, which was pretty impressive).

I was also blown away by some of the coffee and end tables as well as accent chairs that looked like they walked straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog (but of course, at much more wallet-friendly prices). Seriously, I’m gonna have to hold myself back, because I could easily see myself redecorating every room in the house with this stuff! Especially since the store near my work has just discounted the entire Home Design Event collection by 30% (just like the clothing clearance I blogged about the other day). It looks like Target's web site is also running this special discount. This is great news for shoppers, but somewhat scary news for Target if they feel the need to put the collection on sale so soon after it’s introduced.

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Trace said...

I was really suprised to see Philosophy stuff at Target last night! I picked up some Sugar Cookie body wash on clearance - yummy!