Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday’s Rant: Rudeness at Target Pharmacy

On Tuesdays I usually try to take the opportunity to rant about something I do NOT like about Target …because although I love them to death, they certainly ain’t perfect. Today’s rant is a cautionary tale about customer service at the Target pharmacy counter (or lack thereof). If you're planning to pick up your prescription near closing time, you might want to make sure you don't have any questions after closing time. Consumerist reader Kathy says she realized that she had a question about her son's prescription immediately after picking up the prescription, but when she turned around to ask it — she was too late. You can read the full account of the story here. My take is this: at the very least, the cashier could have been a bit more helpful. While a cashier cannot answer medical questions, they should have simply said "I'm sorry, I'm not qualified to answer that and the pharmacist is gone for the day". And if it was indeed the pharmacist talking to Kathy, they should have answered the question even if it was the end of a long shift.

And while I am appalled at how rudely Kathy was treated, I do applaud Consumerist for A) reporting the story, and B) for also publishing Target CEO’s contact information, in case she (or any of you with a complaint) want to gripe directly to the Big Guy.

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