Friday, January 23, 2009

Hollywould Hiatus

Remember the Hollywould line for Target? The cute shoe and accessories line that debuted in the Fall of 2007 as part of Target’s Go International program? Well WWD is reporting that Holly Dunlap, Hollywould’s creative director and founder, is about to take a long hiatus from fashion. Holly writes on her Web site,, that she has officially gone surfing, dancing and possibly even writing a book. “After nine years of lots of work and loads of fun, Hollywould and I are taking a nice long vacation,” Dunlap said. “In 2009 you may find us surfing off the beaches of Brazil, skiing in the mountains of Switzerland, sailing near the shores of Italy, and sunning on the sands of Palm Beach, and wherever we are, we’ll be thinking of you.”

Dunlap also said the brand could resurface soon if it finds new backers; back in October, Hollywould’s parent company was hoping to sell the brand. “When will we be back? Maybe very soon, but hopefully not until we’ve had time to master our surf & snowboard skills, write at least one book, learn at least one new language, visit at least three exotic places, and learn how to dance the tango,” Dunlap writes.

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