Friday, January 20, 2012

A sweet deal for The Candy Store...

The San Francisco Chronicle just published a profile of one of the upcoming Shops at Target. The Bullseye will be taking a small confectionery boutique on Russian Hill to all 1,767 Target stores across the United States.

The Candy Store is one of five specialty stores selected to be part of the Shops at Target program, debuting in May. For six weeks, their "curated sweets" - including Caramel Creams, Black Licorice Scotties and Gummy Fried Eggs - will be available to Target's millions of shoppers at temporary stores-within-Target-stores and online at

The program, announced last week, is similar to the Sephora beauty products store-within-a-store concept at J.C. Penney and reflects a growing push by mass retailers to differentiate themselves by offering more exclusive and high-end items.

Diane Campbell of The Candy Store said she had been working with Target for the past nine months. What the partnership will do for the Candy Store's sales and brand she can't predict. "I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it's only going to be better," she said. "I'm nothing but optimistic and very thrilled."

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