Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday’s Rant: The Plus-size Selection at Target

Most Tuesdays I take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they ain’t perfect. Today’s rant was suggested by reader “SRB” who wrote in to ask me to rant about plus sizes – or the lack thereof – at Target. She wrote “I want to buy so many of the Merona dresses but they don't make most of them above a straight 18, and I'm a 18W/20W. There are some Merona plus-size pieces, but they tend to be made of jersey and very frumpy looking.”

First off, it’s a struggle to even FIND the plus-sized clothing in the store. They often don’t have the section marked, so you have to hunt ‘n peck for the larger sizes within the regular ones. Usually, I’ve found the plus-sized section tucked off to the side next to the maternity wear. Further complicating things, the maternity and plus-sized clearance racks are often mixed together into one big mess.

And on the sizing, SRB is right: in checking Target’s sizing chart, it doesn’t look like they go above a size 18, or XXL. To add to the confusion, a quick perusal of Target’s site seems to indicate that they’re on the “new” (or alternate plus-sizing scale, which is 1/2/3/4.

Regarding the style selection, here’s some options I can offer you:

• As I blogged about back in May, Target’s Pure Energy line is a junior-focused line that carries more “trendy” plus-sized pieces.
• For fans of the Converse One Star brand, Target is now making it available in plus-sizes.
• Buy online (vs. in store) for a wider section of plus-sized options. As an incentive, Target is offering 15% off plus-sized purchases on Target.com (and plus-size style mobile alerts) when you text “PLUS” to Target. Click here for complete details.

And for those who are wondering: yes, that is a “plus-sized” model – according to Target’s standards – that I grabbed from their web site.


andrea said...

I'm a former plus sized person. I lost 90 lbs. and have bought clothes from Target when large, and still do now. Sometimes their plus size selection seems limited and sometimes they have beautiful pieces. I have noticed that they often have the same styles in plus and misses sizes - but not at the same time. If you see something you like in misses, sometimes you will see it in plus a few weeks later - and vice versa. Even though sometimes the selection is not as wide at Target, what they do have is much prettier and more stylish than the plus size items at other stores at this price point.

ldc said...

On another topic- but worthy of a "rant"- please see Target Corp's support of extreme right-winger Tom Emmer, a gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota (who by the way is behind in the polls):
WCCO story Target corporate donations support Tom Emmer

I am surprised, because Tom Emmer doesn't represent Target's stated philosophy on the environment, diversity, and education. I am writing a letter and unfortunately boycotting Target until the company stops engaging in extreme partisan politics!

Elizabeth said...

OK, Target is no different that all clothing retail. I think it is horrible that a store like J. Crew for example, only sells up to a size 12 in the store, BUT, you can go on line and get bigger sizes there. It seems so mean, that the plus sized person, has to sit in there home like a hermit to shop on line for the bigger sizes!! Annoying since most of this country is obese!

uptownflavor.com said...

Its funny and timely that you bring this up. While I was taking a tour of the new Harlem store with the Target team I asked specifically about the plus sizes. The community tends to be full figured and I wondered if they had an expanded plus size section to meet the demand. I was disheartened to discovered that not only did they not have a bigger plus size section, but it was integrated into the maternity section! In addition, I find that Target sizes tend to run small and the materials are not of the best quality. Step it up Target! Big women like cute clothes too.

TheAnalyst said...

On a side note, the model in the photo is a winner from America's Next Top Model. And while she is a plus size model, I doubt she wears plus size clothing. In the modeling world, models are "plus" size if they are size 10 and up.

LisaH said...

I have a curvy 15 year old daughter and it is very difficult for her to find cute, fashionable clothes to fit her hips. You said that Converse One Star is now sold in plus. Really? I was just on their website and found One Star only goes up to extra-large. I saw no plus sizes at all in that brand!

RM said...

Please rant about where the Target size chart is - because it is NOT anywhere online anymore holy crap do I just need to buy a bunch of stuff try it on at home and then take back everything to the store?? how stupid is this!