Saturday, December 26, 2009

Target's after-Christmas sale going on now

Target's after-Christmas sale started this morning at 7am... which was just about an hour ago for me here on the West Coast. Unfortunately, this year Target didn't seem to have a special post-holiday clearance flyer as they usually do; I couldn't find it online, nor did we get one in our newspaper yesterday. But reportedly, discounts will be up to 75% off.


savingschick said...

Do you know if Target will do there Home Design Event this year once Christmas stuff is gone?

Target-Addict said...

No, sorry....I have not heard yet whether Target will be holding another Home Design Event this year or not. If I find out, though, I'll certainly blog about it!

Target-Addict said...

Savingschick, please check out my post today. It looks like unfortunately, Target won't be having a Home Design Event in-stores this year :-(
Instead, they have something called "The Big Save".