Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nature-inspired themes at Target

Target's Home Decor department has two new nature-oriented collections, just in time for the holiday season. First Frost features dishes and servingware iced with silver and snowy glitter. And Birchwood Chalet (the more extensive of the two collections) features trees made of real twiggy bits, reindeer figures, and cardinal snow globes. Unfortunately, this darling deer is sold out online, but check for it in store (as I know I saw one the other day). This Cinnamon Stick candle is also sold out online, but I found it at my local Target today (and yes, I bought one!).


Jenny K. said...

Do you know how much the sold out reindeer is? And the cinnamon stick candle? Making a Target trip a little later. I don't like it when something sells out and the price disappears. Thanks for your help. Great post, BTW.

Target-Addict said...

I forget how much the deer is... I want to say $15 or under. And the candle depends on the size: I got the largest/tallest one (8", I think) for $14.99, and they have a 6" for $12.99 and then a 4" for even less.