Monday, December 14, 2009

Clearance Alert: Target Limited Edition Dresses

Just in time for those holiday parties, Target has put all their Limited Edition Dresses on sale at 50% off! This sale only seems to be in-store, which is why I won't provide a link here to the collection online. But today at lunch, I picked up this Tiffany Fringe-back dress (I enlarged the photo here so you could see the detail on the back) as well as this Lorelei Jacquard strapless dress. I was in the market for a new LBD, so I grabbed both off the rack and will try them on in the comfort of my own home this evening. But heck, at just $19.99 each, I'll probably end up keeping BOTH if I like them!

UPDATE: Well, I bought, I tried....and unfortunately, I'll be returning both dresses :-(
The fringe one ran too big, and although the back detailing is cool, the front is a bit too plain for my liking. And the strapless one (in the same size) ran too small, especially in the bust. So if can find a style in these dresses that you like AND that fits, this is still a great buy. But alas, not for me.

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