Saturday, December 19, 2009

If you're planning to buy this Anna Sheffield necklace...

...just a little warning: almost each and every one of them that I've seen have been damaged. I was actually thinking of buying this as a Christmas present for my teenage neice, so I was eyeing it carefully in the store... and then realized that several of the tiny black crystal stones were missing! Thinking that this may be due to "overhandling" (as the two I as looking at were out on the counter) I looked inside the locked jewelry case, and sure enough, the ones on display also had stones missing. Hoping this was an isolated incident, I went to another Target to check the necklaces there... but it was the same story there. I did manage to find ONE necklace with all the stones intact, but decided against it since this piece seems so delicate. So if you do decide to purchase this lovely piece, please inspect it first to make sure it's as perfect as this picture.

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