Friday, October 12, 2018

Coming Soon To Target: Smartly

Target is launching a new essentials and personal care brand called Smartly, aimed at the budget-conscious and space-constrained shopper. With more than 70 everyday items, from all-purpose cleaner and body lotion, to paper plates and razor blades—and with most items less than $2—Smartly makes it easier to shop smarter and save money. It’s debuting in Target stores and on Oct. 14, with new products rolling out through 2019.

Since early last year, Target has been introducing many new brands, with the intent to bring guests more options at a better value. For Smartly, Target dug deep to pinpoint exactly what guests were looking for in essentials and personal care—namely, lower-priced options. Indeed, Smartly products cost approximately 70 percent less than similar products from national brands.

Smartly also offers the affordability of bulk shopping without buying in bulk. With products sold as single items and offered in small multi-packs (like a four-pack of toilet paper for $0.99), it’s not only perfect for value-conscious guests, but for guests living in small spaces without ample storage.

Smartly reminds me of the in-house brand Nice! at Walgreens. It also seems similar to Target's current budget in-house brand, Up & Up, so it's unclear to me whether Target will be keeping both brands or whether Smartly will eventually replace it.

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