Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Review: Prologue

Shortly after blogging yesterday about Target's new fashion line, Prologue, I saw it in person for myself. I guess some stores are putting it out in advance of the 9/14 launch date, which is the case at my local Sunnyvale Target, where this pic was snapped. Unfortunately, I was NOT impressed with what I saw.

As described in my previous post, Prologue is indeed sleek and modern, with clean lines and simple details. If you're into all that - and if this line fits you - then go for it! But what I found was a mishmash of cheap fabrics, drab colors, and extreme silhouettes - meaning either excessively big (like balloon sleeves and skirts to the ankle) or small (think shrunken sweaters and cropped tops). The faux leather, in particular, is dreadful and feels like plastic. It was the exact opposite of this description by Bustle, which said of Prologue "Since the designs and silhouettes are so simple, the label decided to really focus on expensive looking and feeling fabrics to elevate the looks." Wrong!

I did try on this basic black dress. With the attached wrap belt, it looked very much like something Zara or Mango would offer. But when I tried my usual size, I was swimming in it. So on a positive note, I guess in some Prologue styles you can go at least one size down. My advice would be to definitely try some looks on in store before ordering online to get an idea of how this line fits your body.

What about you, readers? Have you seen (or bought) anything from Prologue yet, and if so, what are your thoughts?


Kate said...

I bought the basic white blouse, after trying on the New day and WWW versions can't recall which, which was huge, this was sized much better for me in the XS, so I got it.

some of the other stuff was odd, the smocks??
did like the olive shirt/dress but would be too long
Target needs to get their sizing together on these more contemporary lines.

Universal Thread is much better

SunnyDay said...

We really didn't need another entry into the fast fashion line up like Zara and H&M, but if Target wanted to do it they should have tried to do a better job. The garments are awful and the fabrics are dreadful. They look bad on the website and worse in person.

Shopgirl888 said...

Target seems to be competing more with Wal-Mart fashions than Zara. So sad to see how far they've fallen from the heyday of quality Merona pencil skirts etc. Their new teen line might as well be made of paper towels.

Recess Movement said...

Thank you for posting this! I was feeling the exact same way. If they phase out other lines in favor of this, I’ll probably just stop buying clothing there.

Annonymous said...

Same here...ugly, cheap looking...I just don't understand how a staff member could look at these clothes and think its going to sell..can someone please explain???

Target Addict said...

And I miss the designer collabs! I don't think Target is going to resume them, which is sad.