Monday, April 23, 2012

Honey, they shrunk the Target Bag!

As I reported last week, Target gave away (as usual) reusable shopping bags on Earth Day. However, a funny thing happened when I went to get mine yesterday.  I went to grab one, and realized it was a whole lot SMALLER than the bags in years past.  As in about half the size.

In measuring them, the new bags are about 9" wide by 10" tall and 6" deep.  In comparison, the free Target bags in the past have been the more "standard" size of 12" wide by 13" tall and 8" deep.

Now I'm not sure whether other Target stores gave away full size bags, or if there were also full size bags available at my store and they just didn't hand them out.  I just found it a bit odd.  While the smaller bags are convenient for quick shopping trips (when only picking up a few things) they don't fit much stuff.  Which means you either have to bring another bag with you to the store, or just use another bag altogether (as I'll probably do).

So what's the verdict, readers?  Did you encounter the smaller-sized bags this weekend as well, and if so, did you like the new mini-size?


deirdre said...

My boyfriend and I got our bags yesterday. We think they're perfect for lunch bags for work!

Michelle in N. Cal said...

We got our mini bag yesterday too and we love the size: perfect for snacks or misc. stuff my kids like to lug along on car rides etc. And lunch like Deirdre said.

jacquelyn said...

I have the giant bags that fold up and snap, so I am quite happy with the three smaller bags we scored yesterday.

Target Addict said...

Good point, readers. This smaller-size bag is the perfect size for bringing lunch to work; thanks for the tip!