Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rogan Gregory, in-depth

The Wall St. Journal has done an in-depth piece on Rogan Gregory’s line for Target (debuting first at Barney’s). Among the highlights: Mr. Gregory (pictured here with Bono and his wife) -- a designer at the forefront of the eco-fashion movement -- uses only 100% certified organic cotton and other natural fibers in his collections. For his contribution to Target’s Go International program, Mr. Gregory says his collection is a way to make the organics-apparel movement more democratic by making it more affordable to the masses. Fabrics made from natural fibers (like silk and linen) and 100% certified organic cotton cost 15% more than non-organic fabrics, while finished garments generally carry a 5% premium, he says. Mr. Gregory said Target's buying power allows him to sell his collection there for less, while still using more "dynamic fabrics." His designs in the Target collection feature less hardware and embellishments than his pricier lines."Target has the resources that enabled us to innovate," he says. "A mill would say we couldn't order a certain fabric unless we could promise certain volume. Target leveraged its volume to get what it wanted."

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