Monday, April 28, 2008

Rogan Gregory for Target

Rogan Gregory's collection for Target, to be unveiled in May, will consist only of women's bathing suits. The designer (pictured) told Time Out Chicago: "I said, 'If you let me do it in the summer, I’ll do it.' It’s sexy. It’s all women’s swimwear, which is something I was really excited about because I wouldn’t get that chance with my own brand in the near future."

CORRECTION: It looks like Rogan’s collection won’t be limited to swimwear after all. The eco-friendly line will include bathing suits, but is also comprised of lightweight sweaters, animal-printed shorts and skirts, dresses, leggings, vests and more. You can check out the collection on Target’s press site.

Now some in the blogosphere (namely The Budget Fashionista and the readers of Nitrolicious) have already weighed in with less-than-rave reviews for the Rogan line, but I want to see the clothes first-hand and judge for myself. After all, some of the Go International Private Label offerings looked rather cute in pictures…..only to discover in person that they were made in cheap fabrics and boxy cuts.

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