Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday's Rave: Lume Luxe

I've just discovered Target's own line of high-end fragrant candles called Lume Luxe, and let me tell you, they smell amazing! They come in exotic names like Tuscany, Morocco, Provence (lavender-based) and Santorini (described as “Sea salt and ocean”; to me, it seems to have a lot of green and blue notes to it). As a bonus, these gorgeous candles (housed in glass jars) come beautifully boxed in display-worthy packaging. I wish I could find a pic to show you, but Target doesn’t seem to carry the Lume Luxe line on their web site. [Lume Luxe is very similar to the Jo Malone line, so I’ve posted a picture of her candles here instead].

But the real reason that I’m raving about Lume Luxe this week is because they’re currently on clearance for 30% off! So catch them while you can, because I’m not sure whether Target will re-introduce these with new/difference fragrances or just clear them out permanently. I plan to go back and buy several more both for myself and to give away as hostess gifts.


SiddityintheCity said...

I almost cried when I went to my local Target earlier this week and they had sold out of their remaining stock--and staff said they didn't think they were getting any more in.

I just got back from the Target a town over, where they had a small supply left on clearance. I grabbed three of the extra large Moroccos.

And I'm sure as heck not giving these suckers away!

Target Addict said...

I hear ya! I'm thinking of not sharing my stash myself ;-)

Ramseyfan said...

I am so mad that they cancelled this line! UGH! I'm trying to recreate the scents, hopefully, and I only have my tahiti jar left. Can you tell me what the other scents are in the others like Morroco? Do you still have your jars? I just can't believe they are not carrying them anymore, WHAAAH.t

Target-Addict said...

Ramseyfan, apologies on seeing your comment about 5 months too late :-( I am going thru old posts and just found your query. I actually still have two 3-packs (unopened) left, so here's a rundown of the description of each:
Santorini = ocean and sea salt.
Tuscany = tuscan cypress and olive leaf.
Provence = French lavender and verbena.
Tahiti = black currant and frangipani.
Morocco = warm amber and incense.
San Tropez = white peach and neroli.
Hope that helps!

love this... said...
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love this... said...

Guess people! I saw that they are carrying a valentine version of the Lume Luxe Collection.... you guys have to try them... I bought one of each fragrance already... they smell awesome... I love them!!

If you love the Lume Luxe collection offered before than you will love these valentine ones as well.

Also, I just checked online and they have it on the website as well.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the LOVE scent for V-Day and it's soooo yummy. I wonder if they have a body scent line in this fragrance. It's delish!

Abby said...

Good News!! These candles are back! I saw them in stores this week. I think they are arriving for Fall. Black Amber is my new favorite!

Anonymous said...

I was in Target the other day and noticed the Lume Luxe candles are back! They have great fragrances: Black Amber (which I think was Morocco), Ocean Sea Salt (which I think was Santorini), Blackberry Cream (which smells like Tahiti), Wild Herb (delicious!) and White Fig. They smell so good! My favorite is the 3-wick candle. It's more expensive, but it makes my ENTIRE HOUSE smell great! I get compliments from everyone!!!!