Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rogan’s Target preview causes frenzy at Barney’s

From the news reports dripping out of NYC, you’d better get in line NOW if you hope to catch any of Rogan Gregory’s collection when it hits Target next week. Ok, I’m exaggerating…sort of. But plan your buying strategy early, because shoppers (at least the lucky New Yorkers privy to previewing the line at Barneys) went nuts for this line yesterday. did a whole play-by-play that you can check out here. Bottom line is, almost the entire selection flew off the shelves within an hour of the store’s opening. Meaning, this line promises to be the BEST offering by the Go International line that Target’s ever done. What’s left of Barney’s stock (rumor has it there was a small reserve in back) will continue to be sold at the NY flagship store through tomorrow. Then, Rogan for Target is slated to launch at Target stores nationwide on May 18th.


angelfantabulous said...

this blog is awesome!

i *heart* target too. (not this much though. lol!)

Target Addict said...

Thanks for the kudos, angelfantabulous!