Thursday, June 10, 2010

Target to Open Health Clinics

Target plans to open walk-in health clinics aimed at capturing the influx of newly insured Americans as healthcare reform is rolled out. Walmart already has more than 70 clinics around the country, and Target recently said it will open five clinics in the Chicago area in September. More Target clinics are planned for Maryland and Minnesota stores.

Target's concept isn't new. There are already about 1,200 retail health-clinics in existence nationwide, but they have yet to prove they can be profitable. And, it poses a basic trust issue. Sure, you’ll buy a 30-pack of soda Target... but will shoppers trust them to diagnose their flu? Also, do we want sniffling sick people wandering the aisles after their clinic visit? At first glance, this seems like an awkward pairing.

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Tucan Samantha said...

I love this idea- I a a big fan of the Minute Clinic at CVS and would totally go to one of these in a Target, as I trust their pharmacy. Walk-in clinics are great for things like ear infections and sore throat and I always find the NP's to be knowledgeable and will refer me to a doctor if it is something out of their scope.