Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday’s Rant: Littering at Target

Apologies for Tuesday's rant being late, but I've been working 14 hour days on a product launch. Where were we? Oh yeah, the rant: you won't believe what I saw last weekend at Target, in the parking lot, while entering the store. A Target employee, rounding up the shopping carts....and in doing so, DROPPING ON THE GROUND (aka, blatantly littering) all the garbage that sloppy customers had left in their carts. You know, the usual: empty coffee cups, food wrappers, old shopping lists, discarded packaging....the whole enchilada. So I thought: maybe someone (another Target employee, per chance?) will come back later to sweep it all up. But NO; when I exited the store, there was all the trash, blowing in the wind. Geez, Target get a clue already!! Give a hoot; don't pollute!!!

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