Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sun Protection with Style

Right now much of the nation is getting hit with some seriously sticky heat. Not the kind of heat and humidity that, with a bit of mousse, gives our hair volume, but the kind that makes us feel like we're stepping into a sauna every time we go outside. When spending time outdoors in the summer, it's best to remember to safeguard not just your skin, but also your hair. Sometimes, that means product. Sometimes, it means a headband. But for the really steamy days, we've just got to go with a hat. This Cynthia Rowley for Target Floppy Hat is a great item to have in your closet. It's funky and floppy, so it'll bring some interest a simple outfit. And the cute rope design lends it a nautical theme, which is perfect for summer. Plus it's only $9.99.... so even if you only bust it out on rare occassions, your cost per wear is super low.

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