Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday’s Rave: Liz Lange Maternity

Shhhh… come here. I have a secret to share with you. Sometimes the Liz Lange Maternity tops I see at Target are SO cute that I nab one for myself in an XS or S to wear as a REGULAR top (even though I’m not currently - nor nowhere near - pregnant). The Liz Lange line is THAT cute. And I’m not the only one who thinks so; last year Lucky Magazine ran a feature from one of the style editors admitting that she does the same thing! As for my friends who are actually “in a family way”, they tell me they don’t know what they’d do without Liz Lange for Target because LL allows them to glide fashionably (and affordably) through 8 growing months. Take this cool kimono dress for example: if you ARE pregnant, this piece flatters your expanding shape. And if you AREN’T, the mod print flows stylishly over your curves. Brilliant!

Liz Lange for Target Kimono Dress, Red Print: $27.99

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