Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday’s Rave: Assets

Today’s rave is about “Assets”: the budget offspring of Spanx shapers. Now if you haven’t tried Spanx or Assets, you’re missing out, because let me tell you, they REALLY WORK! Spanx was the original “smart shaper” that smoothed and toned without feeling like a girdle (or vice grip!). Now it seems like everyone is peddling these shaper undergarments, from mainstream retailers (like Chicos) to home shopping networks (via Dr. Rey from the TV show “Dr. 90210”).

But Spanx was the original pantyhose-style solution: created by Sara Blakely, a former standup comedienne who decided to try and use modified hose (with the feet cut off) to give a smooth line under her white pants while on stage one night. It worked, and soon the Spanx business was born. And now Spanx has spawned Assets (cute name!) which is the budget-friendly version of shapers, available exclusively at Target.

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