Friday, August 5, 2016

Target to Sell Amazon Devices Again...

Consumerist reports that Target will again be selling Amazon devices. See, you used to be able to go into a Target store and purchase an Amazon Kindle or a Fire tablet. Then a spat between the two companies led to Amazon products vanishing from Target shelves and its website. But it looks like the two have kissed and made up, with Amazon items making their return after four years away.

Back in 2012, Target was one of the first big box retailers to ban the sale of Amazon devices in its stores. Walmart soon followed suit. The devices, which often make it easier to shop the e-commerce site, were seen as a means of taking customers away from the retailer. But times — and attitudes — have apparently changed, with Target now believing that adding the devices to its shelves will drive traffic to stores. Target began selling the devices online this week, and will bring them to actual stores starting in October.

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