Thursday, September 3, 2015

Target Tests Serving Alcohol...

Racked alerts us that The Chicago Tribune reports that Target has applied for a "Consumption on Premises" liquor license to be applied to its new Chicago store location.The company applied for the license in order to serve alcohol at the upcoming store, which would make it the first Target location in the US to serve and sell alcohol. Target also applied for a separate liquor license to sell packaged alcohol at the same store.

While the retailer wouldn't elaborate on what Target's probable in-store bar would look like, the Tribune notes that nearby Whole Foods already has a wine bar and sells beer and other liquor in the store. The new Target store is smaller than a regular Target, and more tailored to its urban setting—it sounds a lot like the CityTarget and TargetExpress store concepts before they all got renamed to Target. If the Chicago test goes well, Target may start rolling out in-store bars in other urban areas.

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