Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Target Joins Forces with GoodWeave

Target has teamed up with GoodWeave in support of their mission to end child labor in the rug industry. The partnership is focused on India, where all of Target's owned-brand woven rugs are made, and sadly, child labor is common. GoodWeave provides independent, third-party certification that Target’s rugs are being produced with the utmost integrity.

Target shoppers can tell that a product is GoodWeave-certified by looking at the label on the back of each rug (as shown here). It will have a GoodWeave symbol and an individual number that can be tracked back to the maker. By supporting GoodWeave’s mission, guests can buy an owned-brand woven rug at Target and know they’re playing a part in eliminating child labor in the rug industry, and educating thousands of children in India.

You can read more details about the partnership - and how it's designed to reduce the number of exploited children in India  - on A Bullseye View.

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Shawnie said...

Hi- Just Googled "Target blog" hoping that SOMEONE is as obsessed with the big T as much as I am, but that they actually write about it as I am too lazy and uninspired to do so. Anyway, at first glance, love your posts and can't wait to dive into them tonight when I'm not slaving for "the man" and can surf around at leisure. I live in San Diego and have noticed that my fave Target is deep in set-up mode for what looks like an AMAZING homegoods section revamp. I am dying. I want it all. What's the deal? Do you know anything about what they've got going on? Cheers!!