Sunday, September 27, 2015

Launching Today: Adam Lippes for Target

Several weeks ago I posted the link to Target's Plaid Takeover Lookbook, including items from the Adam Lippes for Target collection (which launches today in select stores and on To be honest, I wasn't overwhelmed with anything in the lookbook, but with ponchos all the rage this season, the Adam Lippes one (shown here) will probably be a sellout. Buyer beware, though: it's made of mohair, so if you're allergic to the fiber (as I am) you'll want to avoid it.

If you're still craving the poncho trend - but don't want to pay almost $60 for the Adam Lippes version - other options are plentiful at Target and beyond. From Mossimo, there's a buffalo-plaid one for $29.99 and an aztec-patterned one for just $22.99. There's also a striped/fringe one from Merona for $26.99. And The Budget Babe reports that Walmart actually has a variety of cute poncho wraps - in plaids, solids and prints - for just $13.97 each.


Amy said...

My Target doesn't carry it. Just a crummy hand written sign at the door saying they won't be stocking it... Guess I will just wait for the returns.

Barbara said...

I only saw a couple of things in the look book I liked. The black & white painterly shirt dress, and the blouse in the same print. Went online at 4 a.m. and ordered them. Then I went to one of the 3 Targets in town who said they were carrying the line. I got there when the store opened, and was the first person in the door. Actually the only person. No one came.. certainly not like they had for the Lily Pulitzer stuff. In real life, the two things I ordered looked pretty shabby. In my opinion the entire line seems of poor quality. Sadly, I will most likely be returning the two items I ordered when they arrive.

Several employees were standing around with nothing to do. They had scheduled them to be able to handle the crowds like last time. By the time I shopped for a few other things and was leaving the store, I saw two ladies looking at the small section where they were located. I went over and asked them what they thought, and they both said they weren't impressed. Actually, I agree that the plaid items in the Merona and Mossimo brand look much better for a lot less. I think Target really missed the mark on this collection. I wonder how long before it goes to clearance.

Target Addict said...

Amy: believe me, you're not missing anything. Barbara's review is accurate.

And Barbara: later in the day I visited my local Target and saw the Adam Lippes collab in person. You're right: the goods look cheap and not well constructed. At my store (and I assume others who are carrying the line) all of the collab - including mens, womens, housewares and accessories - are all placed in one section near the entrance of the store. Some of the housewares were cute - like the plaid dessert plates - but I'll wait to see if they go on clearance before I buy.