Friday, September 25, 2015

New at Target: Knox Rose

While perusing the racks at Target this morning, I stumbled upon a new brand in the Juniors section called Knox Rose. The offerings included pretty embellished tank tops in blush tones, long 70's style knit sweater vests, and cozy Aztec-patterned flyaway cardigans. This brand reminds me of the merchandise you'd find at Francesca's, if you're familiar with that retail chain. It's worth a look at your local store; unfortunately, Target doesn't have any Knox Rose merchandise up on their website yet. And likewise, I can't find any information about it online except for the fact that Target Corporation owns the trademark to the name, indicating this will be a new in-house brand for The Bullseye.


Japolina said...

I saw all of that boho stuff at Target last week. It was cute!

Rebecca said...

I bought a bunch or it as well. So cute!

Christina Yoshiie said...

I want to say thanks to Knox rose personally but I can't find them.