Saturday, April 6, 2013

Walmart's stocking issues...

By now many of you have probably heard the news about Target's biggest rival - Walmart - having issues keeping their shelves properly stocked.  According to Bloomberg, in the past five years Walmart has increased its total number of stores in the U.S. by 13%, while at the same time paring down its total number of employees by around 1.4%. Thus, the math tells you that some stores are under-staffed, and there are actually piles of inventory in the back but not enough employees to stock the shelves.

Walmart has dismissed these claims as isolated instances of store mis-management and gripes by former employees, but Consumerist  asked Walmart staffers to reach out with the truth, and they didn't hold back. Among the scarier comments is one from "Julie", who had this to say about the back-log of inventory at Walmart stores:

"When we do have a no-truck night [meaning no truck deliveries] they pull as much out of the back room as possible to fill those empty shelves… It is amazing what you find. I have stocked things in electronics and toys that were dated 2-3 years ago. Sometimes we’d find stuff months after a holiday that never got put out. Or a Black Friday item that never got put out."

You can read more comments from Walmart employees here on Consumerist.

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