Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kate Young for Target: my first impressions

The Kate Young for Target collection is now "live" on, and in tabbing through the offerings, here are my initial thoughts:

Although there are some wearable day-dresses - the best of the bunch shown here - this line is mainly focused on eveningwear.  So if you're looking for something to wear to a formal occasion or to go out clubbing, then this is the line for you.

I don't have a need for formalwear, which is why I honed in on these three dresses that could work in a variety of settings: the office, going to brunch, out to dinner, attending a wedding, etc.  From left to right, we have the Yellow Beaded Shift Dress at $59.99 (available in stores only), the Black & White Rose Print Peplum Dress at $49.99 (available both in stores and online) and the Cosmo Pink Drop Waist Dress at $49.99 (also sold both in stores and online, and also available in Black and in Purple).

Keep in mind that I haven't checked these out in person/in-store yet, so I have no idea what the fabrication is like.  With some past designer lines Target has "cheaped out" on fabric materials and construction, but hopefully that won't be the case with Kate Young.  I do notice, however, that her line goes up to size 16 (whereas most of Target's designer collabs only go to 14) so kudos to her on that point.

What about you out there, readers?  Have you checked out the Kate Young for Target line?  And if so, what are your impressions?


Danielle said...

I really liked the dropwaist dress until I noticed it had a (fairly large?) cutout in the back which made me worry about it's work appropriateness, was also not a fan of the exposed zipper. I did order the floral chiffon peter-pan collar dress and the black and white rose print peplum dress, both of which I think are fairly wearable in the daytime (if I'm wrong I'll likely return them as I also have little use for evening and/or club wear).

Target Addict said...

Eeek! Sorry, Danielle; I didn't realize that the drop-waist dress had such a huge cutout in back. Definitely not appropriate for work, IMO. And I did see the peter-pan collar dress - and thought it was cute - but you have to have the right look to pull off that style.

Danielle said...

Haha-no problem, I'd actually been stalking it for a while since the previews of the collection came out, so I was super-sad about that darn cutout. Other than that it would be perfect for work.

I am worried that the peter-pan collar dress will read either too young or too Little House on the Prairie, but my Target is super nice about returns, so I figured it was worth a try. If I look like Laura Ingalls, back it goes!

I am kinda disappointed that there isn't more jewelry in this collection.

Music said...

I've seen almost everything in the stores, and, yes, it does read young and "event." I walked away with just the satin clutch. Some materials are decent, but the cream blazer I was initially interested in was very thin and disappointing to me.

The drop-waist dress is actually made out of a decent jersey knit, as is the yellow dress, and the cut is VERY cute even with the open back. The torso was too long for my 5'3" frame, though, and I had the same torso issue with the peter-pan collar dress as well.

The yellow dress's beading had an unfortunate "I used my grandma's old costume jewelry to bedazzle this" effect (which we've seen at Target before) - and, on top of that, it made me look/feel like Alexis Carrington. Someone younger and taller could pull it off but not me. The long polka dot dress managed to fit, but I have no use for it. The jumpsuit then had a garage mechanic effect on me.

The peter-pan collar dress, polka dot dress - and maybe others? - had this cleavage slit/keyhole thing going on too, which might bother people.

So overall hit-or-miss on fabric and too young and/or ill-fitting for me - bummer. If the drop-waist had fit, I might have bought it.

Emily @ Go Haus Go said...

The styles are cute but I found the quality of the clothes to be horrendous! Seams were bunchy and the fabric thin. I love shopping Target's designer collabs but had to pass on this one.

Mary Hall said...

Liked the drop waist dress and long polka dot dress, and the crystal necklace. More in my review>

Sandee Royalty said...

I looked at the stuff in my local target but didn't try anything on yet. I will go back but really, nothing caught my eye.

Target Addict said...

I finally checked out the Kate Young collection today in person...and my reaction was one big fat "meh". It's just OK, IMO, and there was nothing that really stood out for me so I won't be buying this line. And from what I observed, the racks were fully stocked (in all sizes) which indicates that the inventory isn't selling out.

Danielle said...

So the black and white peplum dress was much shinier than I expected it would be, it also had a bizarre ruffle down the front of the skirt under the peplum, and was quite short on me (and I'm 5'3). The peter pan collar dress was quite cute except for the weird shirring at the waistline. I almost kept it anyway but just couldn't deal with that. So both went back. I kind of like the leopard chiffon dress but am not really sure it would get that much use, so will likely refrain. :( A real bummer of a collection.

lightning x said...

I bought the leopard print on white dress. It's pretty cute and is machine washable. My daughter liked it so I may by another and we can match.