Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming to Target: Wired-endorsed products

According to AdWeek, Target will start selling products endorsed by Wired Magazine. In its first big retail foray, Wired is putting its name behind an assortment of gadgets sold by the Bullseye.  Target stores will feature products picked by Wired editorial staff, like an Adonit stylus for tablets, NuForce earbuds and Olloclip camera lens for the iPhone 5. The products will be displayed in Wired-branded endcaps (as shown here) in Target's 1,800-plus retail stores and on

Wired will get an undisclosed share of the revenue from the endorsed products.  But rather than reap a lot of money from the deal, it's a way for the brand to test the retail waters by establishing itself with a trendy retailer to get exposed to a huge audience of potential new readers.

The promotion will last for 12 weeks, just in time for dads-and-grads season. If it goes well, there's the potential for it to expand to other shopping seasons.

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S said...

I love my Fitbit One which is one of the products they are offering!