Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vera for Target is here!

Today is the launch date for Vera for Target scarves, both online and in stores. It looks like there are a total of 17 prints to choose from, and some are available online only.  It also seems this is a "limited-time only" collection, so get 'em while they last.  The good news is they're all priced at $19.99, including this "Williamsburg" print, shown here.


tina said...

They are all so pretty! It's going to be hard to choose!

Music said...

I know there are crafty folk who have made bedspreads and other items out of vintage Vera scarves patched together. There is probably some craft potential with these too - although I doubt I will tackle anything myself. I'll just grab a couple and keep as-is.

Queen Elizabeth said...

Ladies, it was hard for me to choose so I decided on taking two home with me: the trellis blue and orange scarf and the blossom time green scarf. I'm sure I'll have to pick up a few more. They are all very pretty!!