Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wecome to TargetTown, USA

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Target took over the world? Or to start, three US metropolitan areas? Then feast your eyes on this project developed by Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design for the recent International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. It's a mashup of urban planning and big box development all in one, or as Sherman explains, "a way for big box retailers to strategically locate themselves in urban infill areas." To note: this was a purely independent project and Target had nothing to do with it, meaning there was no corporate sponsorship.

The project is described as an exploration into "how Target’s well-developed brand may be strategically deployed towards the incubation of communities that, while privately sponsored, are at the same time inclusive and heterogeneous. .....Each is keyed to a strategic selection of its merchandise that locates surprising ties that bind otherwise separate demographic groups: TargetGreen (all things eco and "green"); TargetPlay (recreation, play, gaming, etc.) and TargetTown (workplaces, post office/convenience store, gyms, residential, etc.)"

Plus, all three proposed sites offer an experience that their current geographic location currently lack: Town sits at the edge of the ex-urban edge in Tracy, CA; Green in an existing suburban power center parched but always sunny Phoenix; and Play (shown above) on an urban infill site in open-space starved Brooklyn."

For more pictures and detailed landscape plans, visit RackedLA; all images via Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design with Greg Kochanowski.

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