Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is Target planning to collaborate with Miss Trish again?

Savvy reader Guardian of Gimcracks wrote in to ask me the following question:

"Is Target doing a 2010 line for Miss Trish of Capri? I noticed a pair of her shoes in the following Frualista Finds article in the green section."

How very observant of her! Yes, that DOES seem to be a pair of Miss Trish for Target sandals - a design I haven't seen before. While I haven't heard that she'll be doing another line for Target, this picture could either be A) foreshadowing of news to come, or B) simply a prototype pair (that was never mass-produced) used for the photo shoot.

The lovely pink dress (featured in the Party Perfect Pinks section) is also MIA on the Target web site and nowhere to be found ... although the yellow/white striped trench (in the Radiantly Right Yellows section) is by Merona for just under $40.


Jenny K. said...

Let's hope that dress becomes available soon. I want it in a bad way! It's the perfect party dress - so preppy and bright!

andrea said...

I just picked up a cute pair of black Miss Trish Sandals at Target in Atlanta on March 28, 2010. They have a pearl and starfish on what looks like black coral on them. They only had 2 pairs - an 11 and a 10, so I'm thinking it was an early partial shipment. They do have a nice line of Miss Trish sandals for little girls already in stores and online.

avas_mum89 said...

I believe they are. Check out this link that shows all the shoes by Miss Trish they will probably be releasing: