Thursday, February 4, 2010

Target shafts 8,000 employees

Call this "Tuesday's Rant on a Thursday", dear readers. I've been away on vacation, and just got back to hear some HORRIBLE Target news...

According to The Consumerist, 8,000 full-time specialists and team leaders are going to be demoted to part-time as part of "cost cutting measures" by the Bullseye (in order to not have to pay them medical benefits). Here is part of an email sent to The Consumerist by a Target store Manager named Michael:

"Target has just eliminated the Specialist and Team Lead positions at its stores. Basically the departments are no longer going to be run by competent people anymore, just whoever can get the job done the cheapest. This means downgrading 8,000 full time employees to part-time status. I was informed of that today I was one of those people. The people they are letting go are the top performers and have been there the longest. We are the only people who know where things are."

You can read more of Michael's email here. Circuit City apparantly followed a similar model... and, well, look where it got them. This is a terrible move on Target's part, IMO, and if you're so inclined, I welcome you to call them to complain. One Consumerist reader left the following customer service number in the comments section:

"I just personally got off the phone with the customer comment line 1-800-440-0680 ...I told them in a very matter of fact way about what i spend in their store on a regular basis and that I would find another place that treats their employees better and how wrong it was to do this to people that know what they are doing just so they don't have to pay benefits. After they realized where this was going I was ushered off the phone call pretty quickly [and was told] we will pass this information on to the correct people. I encourage you all to take 10 minutes out of your day and call this number. Let them know this is not okay to do their employees."

I just tried this number, and it's real. It's menu-driven, so you have to dial 1 for English, then I believe 2 or 3 for Customer Service issues, and then after that I got impatient and dialed "0" for operator and it said it was going to connect me to a live person. At that point I hung up because I want to collect my thoughts first before I express my displeasure over this issue. Because not only is this unfair to the employees who get demoted, it's also unfair to us (the customers) in that there will be fewer "seasoned" Target workers out there to help store guests, answer questions, resolve issues, etc. etc. So basically, dear readers, we're all going to suffer for this.


kbfenner said...

shame shame shame

I just cannot believe they need to do this for any other reason than pure T greed.

shame shame shame

MH said...

Its so ironic to see this. I was at the gym last night, and my friends were saying what a mess or local Target is, you can't find anything and it looks run down.
Now we know why...what a horrible way to treat people Stop doing crap GO lines Target and go back to delivering service and quality goods.

Becky said...

Target must be having problems. Unfortunately, service at the stores is going to suffer and that will only make things worse for the bottom line.

Critifur said...

Nice to know Target can spend a billion dollars to remodel 350 stores, but they cannot afford to pay their employees properly (or keep them at full-time), and afford them health insurance. Yes, Target let's exacerbate the current financial, employment and health-care crises of this country all in one go.

I was just telling someone how Target has really become my favorite store for virtually everything, even clothing. This one action has completely changed that statement. I will call Target to impress my displeasure, and how it will effect my shopping habits. If this is really occurring, I WILL shop elsewhere.

I have avoided Walmart specifically because of it's corporate practices, well that and Walmart is just plain awful. I will take my money where it's employees are treated honorably.