Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pick of the Week

It's Pick of the Week time: each week I pick one great buy from Target's Weekly Ad (in the Sunday newspaper) and highlight it here on my blog. Now last night I went to a housewarming party, and it was clear that now that my friend is in a much larger pad, she needs to round out her furniture selection. Which is why I'll suggest to her my pick of the week: the Avington Furniture Collection at Target, which is on sale this week for 10-25% off. The first thing she said to me when I came in was "as you can see, I need an entryway table"... so I'll suggest this one to her, on sale for $199.99. She also needs a new coffee table, and this one (shown at left) is on sale for just $99 (as is the side table, on sale for only $69). And if she needs more room for books or knick-knacks, she can also add the bookshelf for $99.

PS: I may not have to tip my friend off about this sale, because she's also a Target fan and may already be savvy to it. Case in point: when she was giving me the grand tour, I complimented her on this gorgeous table lamp in her bedroom. She smiled and said she got it at "Tar-jey".


Elizabeth said...

I have a feeling that we may live in the same town ;) I read your about me, and how you mention that Target replaced I'm guessing you may be from the WC???
I am so happy I found your blog, because I'm addicted like you are, and that darn store seems to hit all the right notes for me.
Keep this great blog up!!

Target-Addict said...

Hi Elizabeth; glad you like my blog! Yes, I'm on the West Coast, and my closest Target is in Redwood City, CA.