Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday’s Rave: these Mossimo flats

I recently have embraced flats. Part of this is due to a little accident I had a few weeks ago in which I sprained my right foot, and was confined to sneakers for a couple of weeks. And the other part is due to comfort, because frankly, my aging feet just can’t handle 8 hours a day in 3+ inch heels!

These Verla Peep-toe Ballet Flats by Mossimo have made the transition pretty easy. They are extra-comfortable due to the cushioned insole, and super-stylish with black-patent ruffled trim at the toe to accent the rest of the smooth (faux) leather upper. And best of all, they’ll only set you back $24.99 a pair. Which means the bronze ones are probably going to end up on my X-mas wish list.

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