Friday, September 20, 2013

Some Phillip Lim for Target orders not being filled...

Uh oh... it looks like Target might have another Missoni mess on their hands. Reader "Meena" posted the following complaint on one of my Lim posts from earlier this week:

I am extremely disappointed as I placed an online order for a Phillip Lim bag, and now Target sent me an email stating that they will not be able to fill the order. Instead, they are mailing me an gift card for $100.

Meena, be glad that you at least got $100 gift card out of it, because not everyone did. "Ashley" from Atlanta was lucky enough to get one, as shown in this message she posted to TargetStyle's Facebook page. But comments on Ashley's post shows that another online shopper only got a $10 gift card for her troubles, and yet another referenced that she got a paltry $5 card for her  Prabal Gurung for Target order gone awry.

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