Monday, September 16, 2013

Clearance Alert: all Orla Kiely-packaged Method Products

Back in July I alerted you that Method's seasonal "Tomato Vine" scent was on clearance, and now it looks like all of Target's Spring scents in Orla Kiely designs are deeply discounted. Today I nabbed two of the foaming handwash bottles - in "Honeysuckle" and "Cloudburst" - for 30% off. Tomorrow I'll be heading to a different Target store to see if I can find more Tomato Vine as well as another recent favorite of mine, "White Nectarine". Meanwhile, seems to have several products left in "Pear Ginger" (shown here is the dishsoap) but they're still at full price.

Sadly, I don't think Method is planning future collabs with Orla, as their "new Fall scents" don't include any Orla-printed packaging. I'll include my review of Method's new varieties in a future blog post, but in short, I'm not impressed by their new offerings.


J.CrewJD said...

I have swept through every Target in my area to hoard the Orla Kiely soaps and dish soap. The packages are so cute, and I love the scents too!

I am also unimpressed with Method's fall offerings. It's too bad they couldn't keep the OK collab going... I definitely increased my purchases of Method products during it! I think I have about a year's supply of hand soap, LOL.

jacquelyn said...

I have five (yes, five) Targets within easy driving distance )interestingly two of them are a mile apart on the same major street). ANyway, they all have different markdown schedules so what is on clearance at one location may not be at another, or may be on clearance for more/less.

After trips to several different Targets I did manage to get the Tomato Vince dish soap, spray, and hand wash on clearance for up to 50% off, each store had one of the products but not the other, each store had a different clearance amount. I am now fully stocked.

Talk about hit or miss...the Pumpkin Spice M&Ms which are a Target exclusive. I have only found them in one location thus far.