Saturday, September 22, 2012

Target plans to sidestep holiday price wars...

Don't expect crazy markdown sales at Target when you shop for gifts this holiday season.  According to Business Insider, the Bullseye will opt out of the price wars during the biggest shopping season of the year. And if that means it loses sales to rival chains, that's OK by Target.

"We're not interested in driving sales for the sake of sales, so you might see us lag competitors in terms of comp-store sales increases," said John Mulligan, executive vice president and CFO of Target, during Goldman Sachs' Global Retailing Conference last week. Instead, Target is playing up the first half of its "expect more, pay less," slogan this holiday season, most notably with their upcoming CFDA designer-collab with Neiman Marcus"The Neiman Marcus partnership brings something that's about fashion and differentiation, which is how we compete in the marketplace, and not focus so much on the lowest price of a 44-inch television."


Amy Lynn said...

Hmmmm. I am okay with this. At first it surprised me that a retailer that is doing WELL would make such a blatant statement - our competitors are likely to give shoppers a better deal than we are this holiday season...especially when doing so is such a risky move considering that holiday sales comprise such a huge, crucial chunk of revenue for retailers. But then I realized that, in my opinion, Target really IS taking the high road away from the whole crazy, out-of-control consumerism that mars the holiday season for me. I hate the retail wars when I am trying to focus on what really matters and makes me feel of joyful spirit during the holidays! Bring on the more unique (though still mass-produced, and perhaps not of better quality, unfortunately) but slightly higher priced items. If I am buying gifts or just holiday browsing I would much rather be seeing things that are new and fresh like the CDFA collab items. I say it is a great move by Target. Thumbs up.

floating thru fields said...

this is kinda weird to me, but as long as they have some cheap deals like the dvds and stuff they normally have that I like to get .....smaller stuff I will be happy.
I hope they keep the NM in stock and it's not Missoni 2.0